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Chocolat Stella Bernrain

Chocolat Stella Bernrain is a imaginative Swiss chocolate company that produces high-quality chocolate specialties. They draw on a wealth of creative ideas to meet the wishes of the customers.

This independent, family-owned business has a long-lasting tradition that dates all the way back to 1928. Achille Vanotti establishes Chocolat Stella and builds the reputation of the brand with outstanding chocolate products.

With decades of experience, the brand continuously develops new and exciting variations of luxury Swiss chocolate. Not only that, but they are fully committed to sustainability and Switzerland as a production base.

Chocolat Stella Organic

In 1991, the brand develops the first organic & fair trade chocolate in Switzerland!

The Swiss chocolate company purchases all raw materials directly from farmers and cooperatives. Hence, the majority of ingredients are certified organic and also fair trade. Not only that, but Stella also continuously reduces their water and energy consumption. Plus, they generate their own solar energy!

The brand constantly develops new formulations! In addition, they allow the customers to turn their ideas into reality. You can pick from a wide range of classic chocolates, lactose-free chocolates, organic & fair trade; as well as exotic variations like chocolates with agave syrup!

Allow yourself to be surprised by the constant innovations of this Swiss brand. Discover flavors you never even thought of before!