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Lakesideview Gin Brand Overview

Experience magical moments with the unique gin creations from Lakeside Valley, where gin is more than just an alcoholic beverage. The profound, real soul of gin needs to be discovered, making it a luxury food for connoisseurs who appreciate the true values of this spirit—a drink that encourages moments of pleasant peace.

The Lakeside Valley Distillery embodies a fusion of proven tradition and a well-thought-out spirit of innovation, originating from a fortuitous meeting of creative minds on an autumn evening in 2019 right here in Lucerne.

The goal was clear: to encapsulate Switzerland in a glass! This gave rise to the perfect combination of experience in the preparation of spirits, creative inspiration, and unconventional, almost wild, ideas.

Lakesideview – Perfect taste that is distinctly Swiss

At the heart of Lakesideview’s ethos lies the commitment to bring out the best in botanicals sourced from the Alpine region. Through meticulous production processes, they uncover the unique flavors and seamlessly combine them to create a harmonious, perfect taste that is distinctly Swiss.

Central to their concept is a commitment to sustainability. Every aspect of their gin production, from sourcing ingredients to the entire production chain, is meticulously designed to adhere to Swiss standards. This dedication allows them to proudly label their gin as Swiss Made, and it’s not just the taste that surprises but also the delightful colors that dance within each bottle.

The Lakeside Valley Distillery stands out for its innovative ideas, courage to embrace new approaches, and unwavering attention to detail. They continue to push the boundaries of gin craftsmanship, inviting you to embark on a journey of taste and discovery with each sip.

Unlock the essence of Switzerland in a glass and be captivated by the stories woven into every drop of their unparalleled gin creations.

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