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Anyone can be an affiliate of Swiss Made Direct.

It is effortless, you just register on our page, and you will get an email regarding information that you have started to use the Swiss Made affiliate network program.

Affiliate Dashboard


On your dashboard, you will see your main referral URL. With that URL, you can use to promote our website, and when someone is registred over, that URL will be your customer. When they purchase anything, the percentage of the purchase will go on your account as income. In some cases that amount can be minimal but in some cases it can be massive since prices for some products in our store are over 1000$ in that case you earn 100$.

On our affiliate dashboard is a campaign and custom URL generator, where you can generate your custom campaign and receive a custom URL that you can use to compare campaign success.


Our statistic dashboard is for you to get information about your campaigns, customers, conversion rate, and payments. On the affiliate statistics page, you can find essential information on how your affiliate program is working.



Graphs dashboard is an only graphical dashboard where you can see all information regarding your affiliate program



Referrals dashboard is part where you can see all list of your referrals and what they purchased on Swiss Made Direct




Payouts dashboard is where you can see all your payment from Swiss Made Direct and our affiliate program.


Visits on the dashboard is part of the affiliate program where you can see all your visits that came through the campaign you made.



Creatives are part of the affiliate program section where you can see all banners, display ads, and creatives that we made. Below every creative, there is a URL for implementing on your website as a banner. Some of our best practice shows that best is implementing in email signatures.

For any additional question, you can contact our Affiliate network support via [email protected] or [email protected] Just let us know that you are an affiliate.


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