Swiss Made Direct appeared ten years ago, and since then, we have been intrigued by the worlds leading quality. From our beginning, as a small marketplace with only original Swiss products, we’ve stayed to our core belief- Swiss quality and originality mean the higher quality of life.

And all the time we have been passionate about to share this core value with as many people in the world by efficiently providing the growing range of high-quality products. The products with impeccable quality which represent the best choice for the people in search for a high value.

Today, we are proud to see that our vision is recognized, and it has managed to gain a large scale. Swiss Made Direct, based in Lucerne, is managing to bring together the most influential Swiss brands in one place and to offer them to many people worldwide. Because of these people, our valued customers, and Swiss producers, our marketplace has become one of the most respected signs for the quality products and confidence. Swiss Made Direct is now a thriving global online shop because it gets the maximum satisfaction of all its associates.

Because of the shared vision, and trust that comes to us from all over the world, we strive even more to offer reliable services for promoting the products with the label “Swiss made,” the mark which is seen as a mark of distinction and originality. But also, directly from Switzerland, we make every effort to give even more quickly delivery of unique Swiss products to anyone’s home.

We owe huge thanks to all people who have joined us and for the wise choosing indisputable Swiss quality with us.

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SWISSMADE Trading Ltd.
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