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We are Swiss Made Direct

#1 marketplace for Swiss products

The idea behind Swiss Made Direct appeared more than ten years ago in a most spontaneous way. We were talking with our foreign friends, but also with other people who were visiting Switzerland. They were delighted with Swiss products. The high quality, design, and originality were the main reasons for their excitement. And all of them had the same comment: “Everything is excellent, but we can’t order these products in our countries.’’ And then, the idea has been born. We’ve decided to open a small online shop with the authentic and influential Swiss brands in one place and to offer them to all the people around the world. From our very beginnings until nowadays, our goal was to connect Swiss origin producers with our worldwide customers. We are passionate about our work, and also happy to be recognized as the most confidential Swiss online marketplace.

In the world that has become profoundly globalized, Swiss products are recognized everywhere for its quality, reputation, and confidence. However, because of the same reason, there was an open possibility for “free riders” to abuse and misuse the “Swiss made” label. Luckily, from the beginning of 2017, the “Swissness” legislation came into force. It means that the “Made in Switzerland” designation is now heavily protected, as well as the famous “Swiss Cross”. Hence, every producer can use “Swiss” as an indication of the source as long as it is appropriate. In other words, all companies have to guarantee that their products meet the legally defined criteria.

And here are we in this story? In case you were wondering – we are more than happy because of it! All brands we’ve gathered in our online shop belong to the “Swissness rule” category. Their products are proven to be authentic. Because of the “Swiss made” label their reputation is guaranteed. Our customers can be sure that all the products at Swiss Made Direct will be true representatives of the famous Swiss quality, tradition, and exclusivity. In the years to come, we will continue to strive forward and to maintain the high value of our offer. We will keep promoting Swiss origin products and justifying the trust of our customers from all over the world. Also, we will invest more and more time and effort to optimize our shipping.


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