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Swiss Made Direct Is the Best Swiss-Made E-Commerce Platform for 2021

We’re proud to announce that Swiss Made Direct is the best Swiss-made e-commerce platform for 2021!

Since we are the oldest online store of this type and since we focus only on original, authentic Swiss-made products, it’s needless to say that we feel that this reward is well deserved. We’ve worked extremely hard for so many years, and most importantly, we’ve always adhered to our core values.

And what are these values?

First of all, it’s originality and authenticity of our products. Our motto from the very beginning was the same as it is today – let’s bring the true spirit of Switzerland to people’s homes throughout the world. Since we’re doing it successfully for years, we feel that our customers recognized us as the trustworthy resource of original Swiss-made products. Therefore, this reward is the confirmation of our customers’ satisfaction.

The second thing is our in-depth respect towards the environment. We put a lot of effort into maintaining climate neutrality. Hence, ecological awareness is one of the key points of our business and how we operate it.

And finally, we want to thank our customers who share this reward with us. They were loyal even throughout the pandemic, which was proof that they truly appreciate our business and values. We want to thank all of you and promise that, in the years to come, we’re going to improve even more, in every possible area of our business.

This is a really huge day for all of us. Hopefully, there will be more days like this in the future because our goal is to keep being the best Swiss-made e-commerce platform! And you, our dear customers, are the ones whose satisfaction is the key to our success. So, we’ll keep listening to your wishes, and keep bringing you the true Swiss quality!

Thank you!

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