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Swiss Rivella: the First Soft Drink with Milk Whey

Swiss Rivella protein is not just another refreshing, but too much sweetened soft drink. It is not the soft drink that is not recommended for consumption in large quantities, or which is not even recommended at all. In the same context, Rivella is not just a marketing trick; it is one of the most exciting discoveries in Switzerland and certainly not just there. Maybe this sounds too pretentious, but keep reading and find out by yourself why many people are intrigued by this recipe and taste. Find out why this Swiss drink deserves to be one of the first soft drinks on market.

Swiss Rivella Protein: Revelation and the recipe

The word of Italian origin “Rivelazione” (revelation) from which the name of this drink comes, means a recipe for the unique, natural flavored refreshing drink which is not unhealthy to consume. Isn’t it surprising that there is such a soft drink that can refresh you every day and not work against your health? Unfortunately, these kinds of soft drinks are hard to find, and that’s the one reason why Rivella is a particular soft drink in the market. It first appeared in 1952 when Dr. Robert Barth was thinking how to make a healthy soft drink with a secret mix of herbs, water, sugar, and milk whey. Swiss Rivella is made with strict standards and only from natural ingredients.  And milk whey?


The milk whey is the main ingredient (35% milk whey- rich in proteins, vitamins, and minerals) of Rivella protein and this fact often leaves many people confused. Maybe bizarre for a refreshing drink, but it seems that this is the element that gives to this soft drink the distinct flavor. Moreover, and vital, the milk whey has many health benefits. Whey proteins are readily digestible proteins which provide essential amino acids which further promote muscle growth and development. Also, the milk whey proteins are useful for improving immune function. Or to treat disorders such as arthritis, diabetes and Alzheimer’s disease.
Because of this healthy ingredient as well as because of other natural ingredients, Swiss Rivella has a very particular natural flavor, chosen by those who care about health.

Swiss Rivella: the Unmistakable Flavor

No doubt, Swiss Rivella has an individual character and doesn’t leave anyone indifferent. In other words, Rivella has an interesting, biting flavor with a strong aftertaste. It remains a synonym for the unique taste, but also moments of refreshment and an active lifestyle. But still, until you taste it, you can not be sure why it is the first soft drink with health benefits on the market.

It is available in the following varieties:


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