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Beauty and Care, Body care, Skin care
Beauty and Care, Face care, Skin care
Beauty and Care, Face care, Skin care
Beauty and Care, Body care, Cream, Lotion, Milk and Oil, Skin care
Snacks, Special Nutrition, Swiss Food and Drink, Vegan
Snacks, Special Nutrition, Swiss Food and Drink, Vegan
Snacks, Special Nutrition, Swiss Food and Drink, Vegan
FB Shop, Snacks, Special Nutrition, Swiss Food and Drink, Vegan
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We are Swiss Made Direct.

The oldest and leading online store for Swiss made products.

Dedicated to representing the impeccable

standard of original Swiss products made in Switzerland.

Establish the true value of uncompromising Swiss quality.

Our products are the world’s most strictly controlled ones, recognized

everywhere for their integrity, innovation and

carrying a message of a higher quality of life

Swiss Made Watches

With our collection of Swiss watches comes a history of excellence in Swiss craftsmanship, precision, and luxury. Here are the most iconic Swiss watch designs, discreet and tempered enough.

Swiss Clothing

The Swiss clothing collection represents a clash of cultures between old and new, so each pair of this beautifully crafted clothing is a vivid expression of sleek modernity and classic proportions.

Swiss Food And Drink

Here at Swiss Made Direct, we offer one of the largest ranges of high-quality foods available in Switzerland. Besides the pioneering brands of Swiss chocolates and cheese, we have a vast selection of other natural, organic and vegan foods and drinks.

Swiss Made Accessories And Stuff

The collection of Swiss accessories continues to deliver performance and style, no matter what opportunities are in your path. With these innovative products, you will be prepared for various situations, whether on your trip or at home.

Beauty And Care

To offer targeted matches for all skincare needs, we created this Swiss repertoire of advanced beauty and care products which can unlock everyone’s beauty potential, and awake and refresh every type of skin.


Here are the innovative and well-known products which don’t fulfill the Swissness rule, but which will show you how much Swiss products with all their features are a great inspiration around the whole world and support other parts of the world.


Mary Smith

I have been using Incarom for over 40 years now and I find it the best coffee which can be drunk all day. I used it first when we lived in Switzerland, and now that I am back in the US I cannot find anything…

Tim Hafouz

I purchased a few of these blankets to use for our hunting & fishing trips and after using them during one of our long weekend hunting adventures i discovered why these blankets are so legendary. I put one onto the bottom of my foam mattress…

Linda varga

Love this! Can’t buy in US so grateful that can have shipped.


I grew up with it, and moving to the US, I missed it until now… So glad I found SwissMadeDirect! Not only I got my Cenovis back, taste from my childhood, but they’re amazing, I received my order via FedEx, extremely well packed, no damage…


I absolutely LOVE Läckerli. My mom makes these every Christmas season. These are very good and more subtle than her’s. I thoroughly enjoyed them. If you want to try an original Swiss confection, this is the thing to eat.


Received our blanket on one of the coldest days of the year. What a wonderful find. It is soft, well made and it perfect for snuggling on the couch.