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Rivella Bio Enertea 330 ml


Rivella Bio Enertea comes with two flavors – Guayusa and Mate. Together with the Swiss Alpine herbs, the result is a new, unique drinking experience.

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Rivella Bio Enertea

When Ecuador’s superfood heritage meets the finest Swiss Alpine herbs,¬† they together create a unique energy fusion – Rivella Bio Enertea!

There are two flavors to choose from:

  • Guayusa
  • Mate

The novel tea flavor of Guayusa enchants us with its gentle nature and is less smoky than its cousin Mate. Together with the Swiss Alpine herbs, the result is a new, unique drinking experience.


Guayusa leaves come from Ilex guayusa trees cultivated in the Amazon region in Ecuador in so-called “chakras.” Gardens that function like closed ecosystems due to a high level of biodiversity are not using pesticides.

Tea made from guayusa leaves has been drunk in Ecuador for 2000 years and is considered an invigorating remedy. In the meantime, the health-promoting effect of guayusa has been scientifically proven: The superfood leaves are rich in theobromine, antioxidants, vitamins, amino acids, and of course, caffeine.

It offers the same caffeine content as a cup of coffee or an energy drink. In combination with the other active ingredients, however, the stimulant unfolds its kick evenly and constantly, ensuring long-lasting energy, sharpened focus, and concentration.


When Argentinean miracle leaves meet Swiss Alpine herbs, the result can only be lively. The leaves of the mate bush infused with the best Swiss Alpine herbs provide you with over 200 positive ingredients in a single drink.

With its unique, slightly smoky flavor, the Argentinian national drink has become a firm favorite in Switzerland. And rightly so, this “drink of the gods” contains over 200 health-promoting active ingredients, including theobromine, minerals, vitamins, and caffeine.

Mate promotes metabolism and digestion, can relieve urinary tract inflammation and contains active ingredients that positively affect skin regeneration. Oh yes, and it makes you awake. And it does so gently, constantly, and for a long time.

Mate leaves come from Brazil. We then infuse them gently and cold with the best Swiss Alpine herbs. The result is unique in taste, activating in effect.

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Rivella Bio Enertea Mate
Cold infusion of mate and Swiss Alpine herbs (water, mate*, lemon* (CH) and golden balm* (CH), apple mint* (CH), lemon thyme* (CH), lemon juice concentrate*), beet sugar*. *from organic farming

Rivella Bio Enertea Guayusa
Cold-infused extracts of dried leaves of Ilex guayusa and Swiss alpine herbs (water, dried leaves of Ilex guayusa*, Morocco*- (CH), orange*- (CH), apple*- (CH) and peppermint* (CH), gold*- (CH) and lemon balm* (CH), lemon juice concentrate*), beet sugar*. *from organic farming

Not recommended for children and pregnant or breastfeeding women.


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