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Rivella Refresh

Enjoy the most pleasurable and unique taste experience! Rivella Refresh represents a less sweet and lighter version of a classic Swiss drink. You are going to love holding it in your hands.

You can order one bottle of 500ml or a package of 6 bottles of 500ml!

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Water, Milk Serum, Sugar, Carbonic Acid, Acidifier (L (+) – Lactic Acid), Caramelized Sugar, Natural Flavors



Rivella Refresh

Your favorite drink is back! However, this is the new awesome version of Rivella drink. Rivella Refresh drink will be a perfect fit for upcoming hot days. Therefore, it tastes less sweet and refreshingly light without sacrificing the popular Rivella character. It has 40% less sugar than the red version, but natural ingredients remain. Hence, this classic Swiss drink will help you have a nice body shape.

Rivella Refresh represents the original’s new, sparkling, and light version. It is ideal for those who want to have a light, less sweet thirst in their daily life or in their free time. It is going to become your favorite drink. Rivella – unique taste experience!

You can order one bottle of 500ml or a package of 6 bottles of 500ml!

Milk whey and its benefits

The heart of the Rivella drink is milk whey. This flavor-neutral liquid contains minerals, trace elements, vitamins, and milk sugars. Depending on the variety, Rivella drinks contain 25-35% of it. Milk whey is very effective in regulating blood sugar levels and also aiding weight loss. Nutritious soft drinks like Rivella Blue can even help lower blood pressure and the risk of heart disease. Consequently, drinking Rivella while practicing a better lifestyle will yield faster results and multiple benefits.

A Path to Rivella Refresh

Rivella is Switzerland’s most famous soft drink, and this brand has been with us since 1952. With its unique taste, the Swiss soft drink brings refreshment and symbolizes the active lifestyle of Switzerland. This success story begins in 1950 when Robert Barth developed the original Rivella Red. He devised a unique recipe using milk whey and a secret herbal and fruit extracts mix. So, in 1952, he introduced the drink to Switzerland, and it immediately became a hit!

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