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Assorted Appenzell Flauder Drinks 500 ml

Assorted Appenzell Flauder Drinks package consists of four amazing tastes – mint, elderflower, bio iisfee, and yolo. Each taste brings its unique formula that will delight your senses.

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Appenzell Flauder Elderflower
Natural mineral water, Swiss sugar, carbonic acid, natural elderberry flavor, colorant: anthocyanins, natural herbal extracts, elderberry juice (from concentrate), acidifier: citric acid.

Appenzell Flauder Mint
Natural mineral water, Swiss sugar, carbonic acid, elderflower extract, plant extracts (1.1g/lt.) from the region, natural flavors, acidity regulator: sodium citrate, colorant: Carthamus tinctorius extract, acidifier: citric acid.

Appenzell Flauder Yolo
Natural mineral water, Swiss sugar, orange juice from concentrate, carbonic acid, yuzu direct juice (0.3%), acidifier: citric acid, natural flavors, plant extracts (0.5g/l), stabilizers: guar gum and pectin, sweeteners: acesulfame K, sucralose.

Appenzell Flauder BIO Iisfee
Natural mineral water, organic sugar, acidifier: citric acid, organic green tea extract (1.2g/l), natural flavors, plant extracts (0.5g/l), antioxidant: ascorbic acid.


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Assorted Appenzell Flauder Drinks

Assorted Appenzell Flauder Drinks package consists of four amazing tastes – mint, elderflower, bio iisfee, and yolo.


The cool freshness and dewy lightness of this drink come from the strong and robust peppermint. It grows persistently even in our high gardens so that evil tongues even speak of weeds. But we appreciate mint’s tenacious nature and freshness and combine it with elderflowers and selected herbs from the Alpstein.


The combination and power of sun-ripened elderberries and natural herbal extracts give this refreshing drink a down-to-earth character. Our experienced herb farmers in the Alpstein region planted herbs and flowers, lovingly tended and dried with care.

Bio IIsfee

There are many iced teas, but only one iisfee – and only one iisfee in BIO quality from Appenzellerland.
The organic quality iced tea from Appenzellerland: a delicately fruity refreshing drink with organic green tea extract and other natural flavors. Enjoyed cold to iced, the iisfee is irresistible.


You only live once now also in Appenzell or as we like to say here: Yuchze and loschtig ommetanz
YUZU: The inconspicuous fruit surprises with its incredible depth of flavor. With its wild citrus character, it prepares an unmistakable taste experience of delicate sweetness, a slightly bitter note, and subtle acidity.

About Goba

Goba is a Swiss brand known for its amazing products and rich history. The organization started its journey decades ago, in 1930. Though we know the brand makes many products today, if we look past it through the lens of time, we will see it all started by the Schmidiger couple and a simple beverage bottling plant. Josef and Hedwig Schmidiger started their journey by bottling mineral waters coming out of their own spring. However, today, the brand has grown a lot and now consists of around sixty employees who take care of day-to-day work.

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Assorted Flauder DrinksAssorted Appenzell Flauder Drinks 500 ml
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