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Flauder Overview

Flauder is a product from a well-known brand Appenzeller. Appenzell Flauder is a well-recognized word that was conquering the world since its introduction. Flauder drink is a Swiss drink – mineral water with elderflower and lemon balm flavor. The drink has a great origin story. In fact, it may sound odd, but the drink was founded accidentally. In search of a brand new flavor, an elderberry drink was by mistake mixed with lemon balm. And from that one mistake, the world got another exceptionally delicious drink.

A Rich History of Flauder drink

As a brand, it was 1930 when Josef Schmidiger, the grandfather of Gabriela Manser, began to bottle Appenzeller. The drink is still a family-owned business and takes customers’ satisfaction very seriously. The brand is determined to offer the best experience to its clientele. Flauder drink is driven by passion and creativity, and you will be able to witness their dedication once the drink hits your taste buds.

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