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Swiss Label Members

For decades Swiss producers have combined exceptional quality with fantastic innovation. For this reason, Swiss-made products have gained a huge international reputation for uniqueness and quality. From well-known delicacies like Swiss cheese, chocolate to rigid Swiss Army Knives, vintage army blankets, reliable Swiss watches, and many more, producers and consumers agree that products made in Switzerland are beyond comparison.


From our inception, we strived to deliver the most excellent Swiss origin products to our customers scattered worldwide. Therefore, we provide the most reputed Swiss brands and “hidden treasures” of Switzerland to ensure you get the real pleasure of Swiss excellence.


And now, we are glad that we have taken another big step toward achieving this goal. As a matter of fact, we became the official representative and partner of “Swiss Label”!


Swiss Label is a reputable association with the crossbow as its emblem. The crossbow itself is over three thousand years old and became famous through the story around Wilhelm Tell. The association was founded in 1917 and since then has shaped the quality awareness of Swiss goods.


The mark of the crossbow may can only be used for products that have been obtained, manufactured or sufficiently processed in Switzerland to a certain percentage. With regard to services, the company must have an registered office in Switzerland and actually provide relevant services in Switzerland. These requirements are based on the provisions of the Swiss Trademark Protection Act (MSchG).


Swissmade.direct is proud to represent Swiss Label as a cooperation partner outside Switzerland. The companies and their products listed here are official members of the association, recognizable by the crossbow logo.


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