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Frels brand overview

Frels is a fantastic brand who have designed and patented a solution for your glasses. If you wear glasses, you know the struggle to get them to stop sliding down from their desired position. It is a constant struggle being dealt with by millions of people throughout the day. It is a frustrating experience, but what if you could make your glasses stay put for good? It might seem impossible things to do, but there’s a solution which is made by the Swiss brand Frels.

The brand Frels is Swiss Label certified. What does this mean? It means the organization manufactures its product in Switzerland by adhering to the highest quality standards. The Swiss Label is a reputable association with decades of goodwill in hand. The association was founded in 1917 and since then has shaped the quality awareness of Swiss goods.

A great and easy solutions

Frels can be added to your eyeglasses very easily. It allows your eyewear to be stored around the neck securely. Therefore, the risk of falling or slipping reduces significantly. The brand cares about the functionalities and the comfort aspect as well. After all, the users who need glasses tend to spend a lot of time wearing them. The sleek design & skin-friendly material is ideal for a prolonged time. It won’t irritate your skin, and you will barely notice its presence.

Frels eyewear safety products are innovative, unique, comfortable, and functional. From the beginning, innovator Francesca was looking for a practical solution to solve this irritating problem. And the inspiration came from the good old saying, “Necessity is the mother of invention.” She shared her idea with her friends, and they understood that that idea could help thousands of people every day. Therefore, they decided to assist her financially. And after two years of hard work and many challenges, the brand brought the most practical solution to keep your eyewear safe.

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