10 Most Exciting Facts About Swiss Chocolate

The world's largest chocolate fountain has recently launched in the Lindt Home of Chocolate in Kilchberg, ZH. Believe it or not, it is nine meters tall! True chocoholics are already...


Lucerne - the Heart of Switzerland

Introduction Although it is hard to travel these days because of the current COVID-19 situation, if you find an opportunity, use it to visit the beautiful historic city - Lucerne....


Six Fascinating Facts about Switzerland

Switzerland is one of the smallest, yet most appealing destinations in the world for tourists and business. The country is known as the land of mountains, chocolate, efficiency, and breathtaking...


Swiss People - What You Should Know About Us?

Switzerland is a European nation well known for its political and military neutrality and, of course, great food and outstanding & sophisticated tools. However, those are the characteristics of an...


Hotel on the Border Switzerland/France

There is a hotel on the border in the Vaud Jura. The changeover due to coronavirus is only one chapter in its history. The owner of the Swiss/French hotel, together...


Refreshing Elmer Citro with Divine Spring Mineral Water

Elmer Citro is a Swiss drink that has a deep root with history and our solar system! That's right, Elmer Citro is not an average soft drink. There's a lot...


Swiss Made Direct and Climate Neutrality - Part 2

In our last blog post we were talking about climate neutrality - its definition, requirements, and other information regarding offset projects and certification. Now, we want to talk more about...


Why Swiss Made Direct Became Climate Neutral?

From this month, July 2020, Swiss Made Direct became climate neutral! It is pretty huge news for us as an online store that cares about the climate and environment. We...


Why is Thomy Mayonnaise with Hemp Seed Oil So Popular?

Eating nutritious food is essential for building a healthy life. Sufficient nutrition is essential besides having regular physical activity. A proper diet balanced with the required exercise does reduce the...


4 Best Swiss Skin Care Products - Swissforce Pharma

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of Switzerland? Probably the Swiss Alps and skiing, but also watches and chocolate. This completely makes sense,...


How to Go Vegan in 5 Easy Steps

Going vegan can seem overwhelming. The transition takes a lot of patients and, of course, time! The change is like a marathon. You have to clear your thoughts to reach...


A Complete Vegan Meal Plan and Sample Menu

A plant-based or vegan meal plan has been linked with having numerous benefits. People who primarily consume a lot of vegan food witness a healthier immune system, improved weight management,...

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