International Family Day - The Backbone of Society

It's so great that, besides Mother's Day and Father's Day, we have an international holiday to celebrate all family members and the importance of the family as the backbone of...


5 sugar alternatives and how healthy are they?

Sugar damages your teeth and your figure. A piece of chocolate here, a piece of cake there: the average Swiss often consumes too much sugar. That can have serious health...


Measures We Can Contribute to Save the Bees

"If the bees die, man dies" - so the saying goes. But what can you personally do to help save the bees? Here are eight simple actions you can take...


3 Best Swiss Chocolates for True Chocolate Lovers

We’re pretty sure every true chocolate lover knows that Swiss chocolate is the best, high-quality chocolate one can find. While the Swiss produce about 150,000 tons of chocolate per year,...


Crowdsourcing: Caution with Community Ratings (Rivella Example)

By: Universitat Luzern Ideas that receive the most positive ratings on crowdsourcing platforms are not necessarily the best. A study shows why this is the case and what a company...


Belair 3000 - The COVID-19 spread killer

Since the coronavirus pandemic began, we're all aware, now more than ever, just how important hygiene and sanitization are. Simply put, proper hygiene can help protect your, your family's, and...


The story of the giant Säntis - The Legend of how the mountain got its name

Before the gray days, there was a huge giant, Sämtis or Säntis. His bed was the Schwendibach valley, and the Meglisalp with its velvety alpine grass was his floral pillow....


Women's Day: Swiss Gifts That Will Make This Day Memorable

A woman is always full of love for her dearest ones. Therefore, she needs that attention and care to be returned. And, after all, she deserves it! Hence, that's a...


World Wildlife Day - the Swiss Way

World Wildlife Day is a fantastic opportunity to celebrate the magnificent world of wild plants and animals at least once per year. More importantly, it's a reminder for us, humans,...


Switzerland International Travel Information

By Susan Doktor, Switzerland International Travel Information Since its onset, the coronavirus has shaken the very bedrock of our lives: who we see, where we go, how we work, and...


5 Salt-based Products for Your Skincare Routine

The seas are full of it, and so are our bodies. It definitely makes food taste better. But besides all of this, did you know that salt is used in...


The Ultimate Swiss Holiday Gift Guide

With such a variety of different, beautiful products, it is tough to define the ultimate Swiss holiday gift guide. In the last article, we were talking about Swiss watches. Of...


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