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Swiss made Camping Equipment overview

Plan your camping and hiking trips with the best Swiss made camping equipment. At Swissmade Direct, we have a diverse range of best camping equipment. Designed and built to offer you safety and comfort while you are exploring new things outdoor. Our portable Swiss camping gear is flexible and doesn’t weigh a lot to make you feel tired while carrying it—few of our best Swiss camping equipment are listed below.

Swiss Military Blanket: Swiss Military Blanket 100% made in Switzerland. This Swiss camping gear comes with 80% acrylic and 20% polyester. The legendary strict quality requirements of the Swiss Army, Swiss Military blankets are incredibly durable. They are nearly indestructible and versatile. It comes with selvage and the in woven red color stripes with the Swiss cross. Now, this camping equipment is available again because of the high demand in the past. And certainly, they are coming with a new stylish version!

Binoculars: A binoculars is essential to see those aren’t in the nearest vicinity. They are a lifesaver. Therefore, you must rely upon proven binoculars. Needless to say, Swiss engineering is way ahead in many aspects. And they are definitely making waves in good camping equipment. In our inventory, we have Swiss military binoculars or Swiss binoculars. This Swiss binoculars are intended to offer the highest precision view, made to the standards of the Swiss Army. They weigh only 300 grams, are portable, and have a field of view of 1000 yards.

At Swissmade Direct, we have gathered the best Swiss camping gear like Swiss binoculars, Swiss Military Blanket and many more to make your life easy. Have a plan in weeks or days? Well, you don’t have to scout through the internet to buy the necessary items. You can find most of them in our inventory. Happy camping!


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