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Swiss made loyalty program for authentic origin Swiss products.



Your Trusted Source for Authentic Swiss Products

Swiss Made Direct captures the essence of Swiss craftsmanship, bringing you a high-quality selection of products that proudly bear the “Swiss made” label. From Swiss chocolate’s well-known reputation to skincare items’ rejuvenating features, Swiss watches’ precision, to educational tools’ innovation, each item tells a story deeply rooted in Swiss heritage.

Our collection of origin Swiss products, thoughtfully chosen by local artisans, shows the unmistakable quality and reliability associated with “Made in Switzerland.” When you choose Swiss Made Direct, you’re not just making a purchase; you’re making a lifestyle choice, paying genuine tribute to the enduring Swiss values that inspire and endure.

Discover the authentic Swiss essence through Swiss Made Direct, where tradition and modernity work together to offer you a selection of Swiss origin products. Explore the world of Swiss craftsmanship and experience the true meaning of Swissmade.
A vibrant red suitcase bearing a Swiss cross emblem.


Explore a range of authentic Swiss products from diverse brands located in Switzerland.

We are Swiss Made Direct. The oldest and leading online store for Swiss made
products. Dedicated to representing the impeccable standard of original Swiss
products made in Switzerland. Establish the true value of uncompromising Swiss

Our products are the world’s most stricly controlled ones, recognized everywhere for
their integrity, innovation and carrying a message of a higher quality of life

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