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Swiss Cross Glass 320 ml I Lakeside Valley Distillery

Aronia gin in a Swiss Cross Glass combines the highest elegance and creativity. Enjoy the spirit of Switzerland in a glass. You can choose packs of 2, 4, or 6 glasses.


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Swiss Cross Glass

Swiss Cross Glass perfectly matches the Aronia gin. Enjoy the spirit of Switzerland in a glass.

Aronia gin is more than just an alcoholic drink. Gin hides a deep, genuine soul that needs to be discovered.

You can choose packs of 2, 4, or 6 bottles.

Innovative ideas

When creative people meet, wonderful stories often emerge. This was also the case on an autumn evening in Lucerne in 2019. The goal was to bring Switzerland into the glass!

It created the perfect combination of experience in preparing spirits, creative inspiration, and unconventional – almost wild – ideas. Innovative ideas, the courage to try something new, and attention to detail characterize the Lakeside Valley Distillery.

Switzerland in a glass

The aim was to find the best botanicals from the Alpine region, find out their unique aromas using different production processes, and combine them to bring Switzerland into the glass for a harmonious, perfect taste.

A concept that obliges: A sustainable gin that is not only made from ingredients from the Alpine region but can also bear the designation Swiss Made thanks to the entire production chain and ensures moments of color surprise. 

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