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Nespresso Intenso Capsules 40 pcs | Admir Cafes

Admir Cafes Nespresso Intenso Capsules connect 3 continents – Asia, Africa, and America. Each cup is an invitation to travel the world. As the name suggests, they are Nespresso compatible!


Weight 0.380 kg

75% arabica – 25% robusta

Admir Cafes Nespresso Intenso Capsules

Admir Cafes Nespresso Intenso Capsules – as the name suggests – are Nespresso compatible! So, you don’t have to change anything; simply enjoy a new, magnificent taste (75% arabica – 25% robusta).

The meeting of 3 continents: Asia, Africa, and America, for the creation of an original and unique coffee with intense aromas. Each cup is an invitation to travel the world. This recipe was carefully created in 2010 to offer you the best coffee from each of these continents. Flavors of almonds, hazelnuts, and walnuts emerge thanks to an artisanal roasting process.

Admir coffees

Admir coffees are the result of know-how passed down from father to son. Since 2004, the roaster from Neuchâtel has been practicing his trade with a passion for pleasing customers visiting his café in the small town of La Chaux-de-Fonds by offering high-quality and full-bodied coffees that are Fairtrade certified. Discover Admir coffees at home prepared in various ways, espresso, filter, Moka, or latte.

Admir coffees are selected, elaborated, roasted, and packaged in a traditional way. Their know-how guarantees the freshness and quality of coffees and blends. The finesse of their roasting process allows each bean to give these coffees a unique character.

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Admir Cafes nespresso Intenso capsules 40 pcsNespresso Intenso Capsules 40 pcs | Admir Cafes
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