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Rivella Yellow

With a commitment to healthier living, Rivella Yellow boasts 40% less sugar than the original Rivella Red, offering a refreshingly light flavor.

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Water, sugar, carbonic acid, acidifier (malic acid), caramel, acidity regulator (calcium lactogluconate), natural flavors



Rivella Yellow

Rediscover the classic with a modern twist: Rivella Yellow, the fully vegan drink from the renowned Swiss manufacturer, Rivella. Following the initial launch in 2008, Rivella has reinvented this beverage to meet the growing demand for vegan and health-conscious options, presenting a new and improved formula that will delight new and returning fans.

Available in two 2 sizes (variations):

  • 500 ml or
  • package of 6×500 ml.

Rivella Yellow emerges as the only “fully vegan Rivella,” crafted meticulously to ensure it remains entirely dairy-free. This innovation aligns with the contemporary shift towards vegetarian and vegan lifestyles and caters to those with lactose intolerance, ensuring that no one misses out on the unique Rivella experience.

With a commitment to healthier living, Rivella Yellow boasts 40% less sugar than the original Rivella Red, offering a refreshingly light flavor that maintains the distinctive Rivella taste profile. This reimagined version replaces the previous Rivella Refresh, marking a significant step forward in the brand’s evolution.

Sara Jermann, Co-Head of Marketing at the Rivella Group, reflects on the journey from the 2008 version, emphasizing the complete transformation of this drink. This new iteration shares only its name and vibrant color with its predecessor, promising a unique beverage experience that’s entirely its own.

Rivella Yellow is set to make its mark in major supermarkets, petrol station shops, and restaurants, inviting consumers to be part of its success story. With no dairy, reduced sugar, and free from colorings, it is a testament to Rivella’s commitment to innovation, health, and inclusivity.

Experience the fully vegan Rivella drink: lighter, healthier, and imbued with the unmistakable Rivella essence, crafted for today’s discerning palate.

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