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Shower And Shampoo 2in1 200 ml | Bex Les Bains

Shower And Shampoo 2in1 will give you freshness and energy, leaving your skin and hair soft and delicately scented.


Weight 0.350 kg
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 cm

Shower And Shampoo 2in1

Shower And Shampoo 2in1 will give you freshness and energy, leaving your skin and hair soft and delicately scented.

About the company

In Bex, history has revolved around salt for millions of years. The closeness between Sel des Alpes and the inhabitants of Bex has allowed us to discover the fabulous hidden qualities of this salt: purifying, balancing and relaxing, the white gold of the Alps is a true elixir of beauty for every day.

Bex les Bains The Bex les Bains care range combines pure Alpine salt crystals with precious essential oils and natural plant extracts to offer you care for soft, supple skin and holistic relaxation of body and mind. Embark on a sensual journey.

A natural skincare range

We are convinced of the effectiveness and quality of natural products that respect the environment and living beings. That is why our cosmetic care products are made without fragrances, synthetic dyes and parabens. Our products are not tested on animals and we do not use outer packaging. Our bath salts, scrubs and shower creams consist of at least 99% natural ingredients that are known and recognised for their effectiveness. Because your well-being is close to our hearts, just like that of our planet.

Swiss products

All our beauty products originate in Switzerland and have been specially developed for our most demanding clientele – thanks to the expertise, know-how and passion of our qualified employees, who are committed to offering products of the highest quality.

The qualities of Sel des Alpes

This salt, isolated from the outside world for more than two hundred million years, is of rare purity. Thanks to the know-how we have acquired over 500 years, we extract our precious Sel des Alpes from the rocky environment of the Bex salt works, using the crystal-clear waters of our mountains. The renewable energy from our own hydroelectric plant then crystallises the salt into small pearls. These little nuggets of white gold are ideal for exfoliation as they gently slough off dead skin cells, stimulate and tone the skin. In addition, Sel des Alpes has a calming and relaxing effect. A bath in Sel des Alpes envelops your body and mind in gentle warmth – ideal for a moment of absolute relaxation, while the salt pampers your skin and the fragrance sends your senses wandering..

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Shower And Shampoo 2in1 200 ml | Bex Les BainsShower And Shampoo 2in1 200 ml | Bex Les Bains
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