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Category: Body care

Swiss Hygiene Products

Our Swiss bath and body care products provide you with everything you need to stay refreshed. The Swiss original body care products- designed to keep you hydrated, cleansed from head to toe. Our online store includes many products for body care. From skincare gel to Swiss made shampoo, you can find everything you need and more in a single place. The Swiss body care products are diverse, and support many skin types.

Listed below few Swiss bath and Swiss body care products:

Hair Tonic Shampoo: This Swiss-made Shampoo refreshes and prevents the build-up of dandruff and alleviates itching. Hence, perfect for people who suffer from scalp or dandruff problems. Furthermore, the shampoo also provides a pleasant, fresh scent. A perfect Swiss-made Hygiene product with goodness of herb.

Daylong Gel: Looking for a Swiss made body care product that takes care of your skin? Well, we give you Daylong Protect And Care Lotion with SPF 50+! This Swiss body care product offers powerful protection for your delicate body. And certainly for face skin! An innovative Swiss skincare gel with water-resistant lotion, ideal for all skin types.

Hänseler 50: Have a tattoo on your body? Certainly, you want something to take care of it. Don’t worry if you can’t find the best gel for your tattoo! Because we have got your back! Checkout Hänseler tattoo cream. Though it may not sound like a proper Swiss bath and body care product, but, certainly it is! It is essential to have a reliable tattoo cream once you had your session. This Swiss-made Hygiene product is a favourite for tattoo customers, but also artists themselves.

We have a lot more Swiss-made hygiene products in our inventory. Hence, you can always find a lot more tailor-made products to your specific needs. Please browse through our product page to see more original Swiss-made products. Happy Shopping!

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