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Michel Fairtrade Cranberry Juice 500 ml


Enjoy the taste and color of Michel Fairtrade Cranberry juice! The combination of tradition and innovation is what makes this Michel product so beautiful and unique.

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Michel fairtrade cranberry juice

Cranberry juice is the liquid juice made from Cranberry extracts. The Cranberry is known for having a tart taste, bright red color, and having the flexibility to make different types of products. You may have already known that drinking cranberry juice brings a lot of benefits for overall well-being. And it’s not false. Cranberry known for a reliable source of vitamin C and E. Besides this, the Cranberries contain other essential phytonutrients with anti-inflammatory properties. Since the Swiss Michel Fairtrade Cranberry Juice are made from Cranberry, you call always expect to have the highest level of nutrition & it can boost overall well-being.

Enjoy the excellent, sweet refreshment of Michel Fairtrade Cranberry juice! Welcome the spring in the best possible manner. The light, digestible Michel Cranberry tastes delicious and has a lovely ruby red color. Furthermore, you can use the Swiss Michel Fairtrade Cranberry Juice to make new drinks. For instance, use some ice cube with the Cranberry Juice, and you have a surprisingly delicious summer drink! Not only spring or summer, but the juice is also perfect for every season.

Tradition and innovation of cranberry juice

A successful combination of tradition and innovation enables Michel, as a quality brand, to enjoy the reputation it has today. Therefore, we know one thing for sure. Michel remains faithful to the highest quality standards.

Swiss made Cranberry Juice is incredible. However, the consumption of a single juice every day can be boring. Therefore, we brought a vast collection of authentic Swiss-made juice for you. Browse our dedicated Swiss-made juice page here to surprise your taste buds!

Get them now directly from Switzerland

Cranberries are filled with nutrients, and the Michel Fairtrade Cranberry Juice tastes excellent. Get them now directly from Switzerland with an authentic Swiss shop- Swissmade Direct. We are one of the oldest eCommerce brands in Switzerland. And our goal is to deliver the authentic Swiss experience at your doorstep, directly from Switzerland.

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Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 cm

Water, cranberry juice (cranberry juice), sugar, juniper berry extract (1 g / l), vitamin C, sweetener sucralose


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