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Michel Fairtrade Overview

Michel Fairtrade drinks have come a long away since its inception. The story behind the brand and its creator has started from the great economic recession of 1920. In this challenging time, the creator of the brand Louis-Edmond Michel moved to the French colony of Madagascar, and there he started working on a secret vanilla extract and fruit paste production.

At the age of 32, Mr. Louis-Edmond Michel returned to Switzerland with vast knowledge and expertise about the drinks. Later he established a small business on April 8, 1929, in Chavannes bei Renens. He started his business by selling grape juice, fruit concentrates, and wine.

Later Louis-Edmond Michel bought a small factory which is nearby the parish of Prilly. The name that undertook was Le Fruit Frais Concentré SA”, the pioneer later concentrated on more fruit juice production, paste syrup, and fresh fruit concentrate. The tomato cocktail made from sun- ripe Valais tomatoes was the first success of Michel.

Today, the Michel Fairtrade brand has come a long way and offering a diverse range of Swiss drinks to its widespread customers. Their drinks are delicious and made by using the best ingredients and by following the highest quality standards. So, you can always expect the best from this Swiss drink brand.

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