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Michel Fairtrade Sunshine Fruit Juice 330 ml


Sunny days are coming. Let’s welcome the spring with Michel Fairtrade Sunshine juice! Only one glass of this juice is enough to make you feel better and fresh until the end of the day.

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Michel fairtrade sunshine Overview

The spring is on the way! Warmer and sunny days are coming. And when the sun is making your day rough, you have to keep your body hydrated. Lac of fluid causes dehydration, and as a result, you will feel dizziness, sort of breath, and many more adverse effect. Besides the consumption of enough liquid, you also have to take care of the nutrients intake. This means you have to consume essential minerals and vitamins to make sure your body has the strength to fight the sun and its heat. And this is where Michel fairtrade sunshine comes in. Michel Fairtrade Sunshine would be a perfect choice for spring and summer.

The Michel fairtrade sunshine Juice is made of fruit extract. Therefore this summer, Fruit Juice comes with many nutrients. The combination of fruit and vital vitamins will make you feel good and refreshed.

Michel remains to care about highest quality standards. Also, they ensure an environmentally friendly cultivation of the fruits. Therefore, only one glass of this wonderful drink will make you better and fresh. Furthermore, it is very good for your body shape. Because of its natural ingredients, Michel Sunshine summer juice is very good for sports activities. But also for picnics or bicycle rides.

Get the Michel Fairtrade summer drink now

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Weight 0.500 kg
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 cm

Orange juice (30%) *, Swiss apple juice (15%) *, fructose syrup, mango (5%) *, banana puree (4%) *, acidifier (citric acid), stabilizer (pectin), vitamins C, D3, B6, niacin, and B12, zinc


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