Elmer Citro 500 ml

Brand: Ramseier

Elmer Citro is a fantastic combination of two essential ingredients – fresh spring water from St. Martins sources in Elm and lemon peel’s oil.


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Elmer Citro

Elmer Citro is an authentic Swiss-made drink, famous in every part of our country. Its home is pure nature and an impressive landscape – where green meadows and clean water reign. That fresh spring water coming from St. Martins sources in Elm is a vital part of this drink, and it guarantees genuine mountain freshness.

However, the essential ingredient that gives Citro such a unique taste comes from the lemon peel’s oil. The unchanged recipe from 1927 corresponds to today’s formula thanks to its natural lemon aroma. Besides, it contains no preservatives and stabilizers. Finally, this Swiss-made drink can become a part of your healthy diet.

Elmer Citro is one of the finest Swiss beverages the country produces. The human body requires plenty of fluid to keep moving and maintain its overall well-being. However, if you are looking for something special or more than plain water, then the Swiss Citro will certainly help. The drinks have nutrients and essential elements that will be enough to encourage you to carry out your everyday job efficiently.

The village of Elm

People also heard about the small mountain village of Elm in the canton of Glarus because of the ski icon Vreni Schneider. She has made her home village famous throughout the world of sports.

Elm and the Tectonic Arena Sardona have been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since July 2008. Thus the spring water from Elmer and, Mineral comes directly from the World Natural Heritage area. It also includes Tschingelhörner and Martinsloch.

Elm is the southernmost village in the Sernftal, lies at around 1000 meters above sea level, and has approximately 700 inhabitants. It belongs to the municipality of Glarus Süd, which has been the largest municipality in Switzerland by area since 2009.

Thanks to Citro and Elmer Mineral, Elm has achieved a high level of awareness among the young and old.

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