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Sinalco Original 500 ml

Brand: Ramseier

Three magnificent tastes – orange, lemon, and mandarin – make Sinalco Original so unique all these years. A true Swiss made drink with unique history.


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Sinalco original Overview

Sinalco Original brings your drinking experience to the highest levels! Not only that it a genuinely Swiss-made drink with all the high-quality features, but it also contains no preservative substances and artificial flavors. Three exquisite tastes – orange, lemon, and mandarin – have made Sinalco Original unique all these years.

This authentic and unmistakable brand has been around since 1905! The cult drink par excellence has now proven itself for more than 100 years with its unmistakable taste and unique appearance on the market. It is a timeless drink that makes people happy anywhere. Also, it stands for a carefree attitude to life and an unforgettable drinking experience. In addition to the well-known drink Sinalco Original, which consists of the best fruits of oranges, mandarins, and lemons, there are other flavors such as Sinalco Cola and Passion Fruit today.

Important years of Sinalco’s Original history

During the sixties, Sinalco is highly successful at a national and international level. The drinks of this brand became available in 150 countries. In Germany, they used the brand name as a synonym for lemonade. Even today, Sinalco lemonade is still super popular.

In 2000, the cult brand gave its bottle shape a new look. The bottle gets a facelift, suitable for the new millennium, and the world met it in the updated shape. Worldwide, Sinalco advertises with the yellow background color and the red lettering. It became present everywhere in the Balkans.

Finally, in 2015, the oldest soft drink brand on the European mainland celebrated its 110th birthday with many international activities.

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Sinalco Original is produced with utmost care and upholds strict Swiss standards. The brand has enormous goodwill that gives confidence to the customers worldwide. If you are looking for some delicious yet nutritious drink, this Swiss drink will satisfy your needs and wants. The bootle is highly portable and can be carried around everywhere. If you require something more than water, this drink will serve the purpose very well.

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Water, sugar, orange, lemon, mandarin juice from concentrate, carbonic acid, acidifier citric acid, natural flavors, antioxidant ascorbic acid, stabilizers locust bean gum and pectin, coloring agent beta-carotene.


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