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Thomy Mayonnaise Classic 265g


Thomy mayonnaise is the classic condiment for all your cold sandwiches, salads, dressings and dips. Enjoy the original Swiss quality in every bite without preservatives, flavor enhancers and artificial colors inside.

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Thomy Mayonnaise Classic francaise

Swiss Thomy mayonnaise a la Francaise is the classic condiment for all your dishes. But you can especially use it for cold sandwiches, salads, dressings, and dips.  Similarly, also known as Tommy mayo, it is made with the highest quality standards and with the best ingredients. Therefore, you can enjoy authentic and original Swiss quality in every bite since 1954. Shop authentic Swiss mayonnaise online & impress your guests with the help of this classic mayonnaise flavor. It is time to throw the most memorable dinner party! In conclusion, your cold platter will be more delicious than ever.

Ingredients of Thomy Mayonnaise Classic francaise

As Thomy makes the promise: „THOMY – here comes the enjoyment, “there are no preservatives, flavor enhancers and artificial colors inside.

The ingredients of authentic Swiss Thomy are:

Sunflower oil 80%, table vinegar, egg yolk 5% (free-range eggs), mustard 1.4%, iodized table salt, sugar.

Thomy mayo Classic Mayonnaise Francaise Tube

Because it comes in a tube, this Thomy mayo is incredibly practical. Hence, it won’t spill all over the fridge, rather it will stay safe and fresh. Have it delivered to your doorstep in just a few clicks! The best thing about: the original Tommy mayo comes directly from Switzerland in its original taste, as Thomy made in the 1960’s advertising with the slogan: “Delicate Swiss-style”.

How to use Thomy Mayonnaise francaise?

Cocktail sauce:


What kind of mayonnaise is existing?

Thomy has invented many kinds of mayonnaise, like Thomy Mayonnaise With Hemp Seed Oil 170 g or one with mustard. 
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Additional information

Weight 0.370 kg
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 cm

Sunflower oil (80%), vinegar, yolk 5% (free-range eggs), mustard, sodium chloride, sugar, spice extracts. Common salt, total content: 1.2 g / 100 g

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