Pear Pie Filling Nectaflor 400 g

Brand: Nectaflor

Pear Pie Filling Nectaflor is a quick pie filling from dried pears, sugar, and spices with a distinct natural taste. The product is great to make yourself, your child or friend a quick, easy and tasty delicacy.


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Pear Pie Filling Nectaflor Overview

Pear Pie Filling Nectaflor is can be spread quickly. made with high-quality ingredients. With it, you can bake a fine pear path gene with minimal time, and your guests will be ecstatic!

You don’t need further additions, just spread this quick pie filling and prepare for a sweet surprise. Not only that your delicacy will taste fantastic with Pie Filling Nectaflor, but also it will look fantastic.

Pear Pie Filling an inevitable Quick addition to a Delicious Delicacy

Pear filling is an extraordinary sweet delicacy loved by thousands of people around the well. It is great for your sweet tooth. And meant to be served on any happy occasions or for a treat! Made by Swiss brands, the filling carries extraordinary quality. For decades the “Swiss made” word has been used as the hallmark to be the best. And these pie filling too hold that quality, and that is because Swiss brands make it.

Swiss brands are known for their strict quality assurance policy. From ingredients to the production process, they keep sharp eyes on everything. The goal is to offer the pure and best Swiss experience to the end-user. And if you get these pear pie filling from authentic Swiss shops online like Swissmade Direct, you can expect to have the best experience.

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Weight 0.700 kg
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 cm

Dried pears, sugar, water, spices, preservatives (E220), acidifying agents (citric acid E330)


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