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Assorted Traditional Spread 450 g

Assorted Traditional Spread is healthy jam coming directly from Switzerland! You will absolutely love it from the very first taste.

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Weight 0.950 kg
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 cm

Traditional Juniper Spread
Corn syrup, sugars (beet sugar, cane sugar, glucose), extract of juniper berries

Traditional Pine Spread
Glucose syrup, types of sugar, pine bud concentrate



Assorted Traditional Spread Overview

Assorted Traditional Spread is a healthy jam coming directly from Switzerland! You will absolutely love it from the very first taste. The best thing is it’s available in two flavors – juniper berry and pine. No matter which you choose, it will leave you wanting more!

Juniper Berry Spread

Juniper berry spread is a traditional healthy jam from eastern Switzerland. Although berries are mainly collected in Portugal and the Balkans, they are 100% sieved and pressed in Switzerland. It contains a very aromatic juniper berry essential oil, as well as tannin, inverted sugar, resin, and bitter substances. These active ingredients not only taste delicious but also have a disinfecting effect. In addition, you can use this delicious spread in a multitude of ways. It’s great instead of honey in your tea or as a jam on a piece of toast. Moreover, you can even flavor sauces, yogurt, and desserts with it. Enjoy the pure health from Switzerland!

Assorted traditional spread is famous around the world. And the number of users is growing at a rapid speed. They are loved by young adults. Swiss brands make the spread. And they are known for their amazing quality standards. For decades, the “Swiss-made” word has been used as a hallmark of the highest quality. To this day, the Swiss brand always strives to keep that goodwill and works to deliver the best experience.

Pine Spread

Pine spread is a traditional and fine Eastern Swiss specialty. The rich Tannenschössli gives this natural spread an intense, bitter-sweet taste. In addition, you can use it as a spread, to sweeten your tea or yogurt, to flavor sauces, as a snack, or to refine desserts.

No matter which Assorted Traditional Spread you choose, we’re delivering it directly to your doorstep!

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Assorted Traditional Spread 450 gAssorted Traditional Spread 450 g
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