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Thomy Mild Mustard 200 g

Brand: Thomy

Thomy Mild Mustard and Thomy Organic Mustard are perfectly balanced Swiss mustards, with a deliciously smooth and creamy texture. Thanks to their ingredients of the highest quality, combined with restraint and balance, each product is known as a perfect triumvirate of flavors.


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Thomy mustard Overview

Thomy Mustard and Thomy Organic Mustard are products of the finest ingredients. They contain fresh ground mustard seeds selected from the best seeds available and other natural ingredients. These Swiss mustard are smooth and creamy, easily spreadable and ideal for meat dishes, sauces, cheese, sandwiches, and salads. With them, any of your favorite dishes will be something special!

Swiss Thomy Mustard and Organic Mustard / Swiss Mustards Now in Organic Quality

The demand for organic food is growing at a rapid speed. People throughout the world are becoming health conscious and moving towards a more healthy and nutritious diet. And with that, the demand for Swiss made Thomy is growing at a rapid speed. The 100% natural ingredients make sure that you do not fall prey to bad side effects. On the other hand, the mustard’s easy usability makes sure that everyone in your family can use it on their meal effortlessly.

Thomy mustards are made from fresh whole mustard seeds. This mustard can be used and served with most types of prepared food. However, this mild Swiss  mustard is a great companion for burgers and hams as well. The mustard thomy comes in a convenient tube. Therefore, you can use it even if you are outdoor exploring the wild.

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At Swissmade Direct, we are glad to have 100% natural Swiss made mustard in our inventory. The quality of Mustard makes every customer happy, and, we are pleased that they do. Our aim is to offer complete satisfaction to our customers. Therefore, we only list products that follow the same philosophy and work towards achieving and delivering even more. Browse through our Swiss-made inventory and find the product you need. We will provide the product right at your doorstep.

So, what are you waiting for? Order the Swiss made Thomy mustard, the best spread directly from Switzerland, and make your meals tastier and amazingly delicious. It would be hard to resist the luxury!

We are the leading and oldest authentic Swiss online shop selling only original Swiss-made products. How to get it? Order online, and you get the trackable, insured parcel delivered straight to your door, wherever you are in the world, directly from Switzerland.

Weight 0.330 kg
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 cm

Thomy Classic Mild Mustard 200 g
Water, mustard seeds, saline iodate, sugar, spices and spice extract. Cooking salt, total content: 4.1g / 100g

Thomy Organic Mild Mustard 200 g
Water, mustard seeds, 20%, saline iodate, sugar, spices. All agricultural ingredients come from organic agriculture.


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