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Nectaflor Swiss Honey Pure 500 g

Brand: Nectaflor

Nectaflor Swiss Honey is a genuine natural product which stands out because of its unique, slightly aroma. The pure natural and so healthy product is a mix of blossom and forest, suitable as bread spread but also for sweetening beverages and food.


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Swiss Honey Nectaflor Overview

For centuries, honey has been used for many purposes. Besides the regular consumption by millions, honey has been used as remedies to different problems as well. And they worked very well. For many reasons and proven benefits, the use of nectar has been growing at a tremendous speed. However, to get the best experience, you have to buy the best. And there’s nothing that can compare with Swiss honey. The “Swiss made” word is the hallmark of absolute quality and perfection.

Nectaflor Honey is a high- quality honey. it is known as a real food for life! So, it is great to use it anytime you wish sweet, or importantly, you think about your health. Thanks to its all positive qualities, Nectaflor Swiss Alpine Honey is one of the best nectar products in Switzerland. But you need to try this pure honey taste, founded in 1958, to find out why many people around love only the honey collected by Swiss beekeepers.

Nectaflor Swiss Honey / Why is Alpine Honey really healthy?

Swiss Alpine Honey is the sum of the valuable, natural ingredients that make the natural product honey healthy. In addition to water and precious, natural ingredients such as enzymes, vitamins, inhibitors and minerals, nectar consists of about 80% of the two essential, natural sugar types fructose and glucose (glucose). These easily come into the blood and deliver fast, fresh energies.

So, we recommend this honey as one of the best ways to maintain your health or to improve it.

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