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Cenovis Liquid Seasoning 125g

Cenovis Liquid Seasoning is all-natural Swiss traditional product based on yeast extract. Thanks to its vegetable substances and fine texture, this is surprisingly tasty and exceptionally rich in vitamin B product, which smoothly spices meat, fish, but also salad dressings, soups and stocks.

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Cenovis Liquid-seasoning Overview

Seasoning is an integral part of making food and is the primary component that can make a meal more flavorful, delicious, and tasty. For decades Seasoning products have been used to enhance the taste of food. However, the reasons behind the use of Cenovis Liquid Seasoning are many, and it surpasses the primary goal of any seasoning.

Cenovis Liquid Seasoning is made from a blend of various natural ingredients, including soy sauce, vegetable extracts, spices, and yeast extract. It is marketed as a healthy and natural alternative to traditional liquid seasonings and is often used as a replacement for soy sauce or Worcestershire sauce.

Cenovis Liquid Seasoning is one of those finest Swiss products, both healthy and tasty. It also has a distinct, pleasant smell, stronger than the smell of soy sauce. Whether it’s breakfast, lunch, or dinner, piquant Cenovis Liquid Seasoning will spice up each of these moments and make them special. The secret of Cenovis’s unique taste lies in its 100% healthy brewer’s yeast and plant extracts. Thanks to its raw natural ingredients not mixed with artificial ones or fat and preservatives, this Swiss product appears to be more than suitable for a healthy vegetarian diet.

Cenovis Liquid Seasoning / Healthy and Tasty Swiss Product For every Healthy meal

Cenovis Liquid Seasoning is a healthy liquid spread that makes up a salty snack with a strong and authentic taste! You can use it anytime, and be sure you’re using 100% vegetal seasoning, which has many benefits for you. Because it is rich in Vitamin B, Cenovis can help you enhance heart health and support skin and hair health. But also it can help with the functioning of the muscles, nerves, digestive and immune systems.

Although this product can be found only within the Swiss, it is available to all of you on our site. Enjoy the natural taste of Cenovis!

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Cenovis Liquid SeasoningCenovis Liquid Seasoning 125g
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