Hazelnut Filling Nectaflor 400 g


Hazelnut Filling Nectaflor is quick and easy to use cream filling, made with the finest ingredients to help you make an utterly divine cake/pie/dessert. With this Nectaflor filling, you will satisfy those with impeccable taste and give them the perfect finish to a meal.

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Hazelnut Filling Nectaflor is a smooth and ready-to-use filling, perfect for flavoring your favorite pastries. You just need to spread hazelnut cream filling directly onto the batter without further additions and prepare yourself to make a truly delicious dessert.

Hazelnut Filling Nectaflor / An Intense Hazelnut Flavour for Irresistible Confections

The filling is a great base to make the dessert with a very pure and intense hazelnut taste. Try it and bring rich, hazelnut flavor to favorite cakes, cookies, chocolate, ice creams, puddings and other confections. With this a culinary masterpiece all of these sweets will be even more delicious.

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Sugar, hazelnuts, water, soya, rice starch, caramel, lemon rasp, spices, preservatives (E200), acidifying agent (citric acid E330)


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