Easy Almond Paste Nectaflor 400 g


Easy Almond Paste Nectaflor is a spreadable almond mass, made with the freshest of the ingredient and with a typical taste which is the perfect addition to make a dessert for all ages, a dessert that always pleases.

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Easy Almond Paste Nectaflor is ready-to-use Swiss almond filling you can bake with minimal time and make delicacy which will please even the most discriminating palate. You just need to spread the Nectaflor mixture on the batter without further additions, roll up and bake.

Easy Almond Paste Nectaflor / the Perfect Addition to Any Dessert you Make

Easy Almond Paste is creamy almond filling with the natural fruitiness, ideal for all your favorite dessert recipes. In other words, our Swiss filling is pure, real, and has many uses for your baking needs. You can use it for cookies, pastries, tarts, marzipan; the possibilities are endless. But that’s not all!

The almond filling is made only from selected almonds and all quality ingredients to be one of the essential ingredients to some of the most beloved desserts.

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Weight 0.700 kg

Sugar, almonds, water, soybeans, moisturizers (E420), cornmeal, natural flavorings, preservatives (E200), acidifiers (citric acid E330)

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