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Kisag Brand Overview

Kisag AG is renowned for its commitment to innovation, practicality, and high-quality products that significantly simplify cooking and kitchen work. Their comprehensive range caters to the needs of both professional restaurateurs seeking cutting-edge equipment and passionate culinary enthusiasts looking for efficient kitchen tools. As a trusted manufacturer and supplier, Kisag AG also collaborates with numerous original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and customer labels, supplying them with exceptional products that meet their unique requirements.

With a history spanning 75 years, Kisag AG’s success story began with the invention of the “Kisag cream blower.” Today, the company has evolved into an international powerhouse, recognized for its Swiss quality branded products that have gained popularity far beyond national boundaries.

Operating as a part of the VEBO Group, Kisag AG embraces a strong sense of social responsibility. They actively engage with local companies that provide protected employment opportunities, fostering inclusivity and expanding their impact on the community. Additionally, sustainability remains a key pillar of their operations. Kisag AG prioritizes eco-friendly choices in materials, production processes, and disposal or recycling methods, ensuring that their products have a minimal environmental footprint.

In collaboration with the children’s and youth organization Plant-for-the-planet, Kisag AG proudly supports the initiative of planting a tree for each ARTISAN product sold. By partnering with Plant-for-the-planet, they contribute to reforestation efforts, with a goal of planting 1,000 billion trees to combat the climate crisis and preserve biodiversity. Kisag AG also backs the Plant-for-the-planet academies, where children educate their peers about global warming, become climate justice ambassadors, and collectively plant trees.

One standout product from Kisag AG is the Artisan peeler, which boasts an impressive composition of 93% beech wood sourced from sustainable forestry. Combined with natural waxes and glucose, this peeler offers exceptional functionality comparable to traditional counterparts. It can withstand temperatures up to 140 °C and is dishwasher safe. Notably, the Artisan peeler can be safely disposed of without its stainless steel blade, as it contains no fossil raw materials and burns in a CO2-neutral manner. The stainless steel blade is recycled through scrap metal collection.

Kisag AG’s product range includes a variety of whippers suitable for different applications, from strawberries to parmesan, asparagus, meat, and fish. With a clear and structured product lineup, ranging from the entry-level Basic model to the versatile Kisag Whipper Thermo made of stainless steel, customers can easily make the right choice for their specific needs.

Driven by their core values and a deep sense of purpose, Kisag AG actively contributes to the training and professional inclusion of individuals with disabilities. Since the acquisition by the VEBO cooperative in 2017, Kisag AG has been able to forge new synergies, expanding opportunities for creating jobs in the production, assembly, and manufacturing of kitchen appliances that are particularly suited to protected workshops. Through these efforts, Kisag AG continues to make a positive impact by empowering individuals with restrictions and providing them with better access to the job market.

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