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US Tourist Can’t Believe How Great Switzerland Is

After visiting the country, influencers always complain about the expensive prices in Switzerland. Not so Tiktok star Lydia Keating. She is delighted with our country.

“Shame on you that your country is so expensive,” rages German influencer Fibii (18) on Tiktok. And pop singer Robbie Williams (50) also turned his back on Switzerland some time ago. Not because of the prices. “Switzerland is too boring,” was his view of our country.

You could almost think all celebrities and influencers have a bad opinion of Switzerland. But that’s not the case. US influencer Lydia Keating (29) proves this. She has 1.7 million followers on TikTok alone.

Even the alleys are beautiful in Switzerland

In a video on TikTok, the social media star raves about the cleanliness of Zurich. The trottoire and underpasses are extremely clean, says the US American. “You could lick them!”

The 29-year-old would be amazed: even chewing gum is removed from the streets.

She also loves the culinary offerings. She indulges in truffle fondue. “It’s really good,” she exclaims delightedly into the camera. The alleyways in Zurich’s old town are also simply beautiful. “I think the alleyways are really cute; in America, they’re creepy.”

The Swiss look funny

She then addresses the issue of security. Lydia is amazed that people in Switzerland don’t secure their bikes with a lock and don’t worry about them being stolen.

Unlike her fellow influencers, she has almost nothing to complain about. There was just one thing that embarrassed the influencer: the stares of other people on the street. But she has since gotten used to it. She thought people were staring at her, but the “Swiss-German look” was completely normal. In the USA, people ignore each other and do not look at each other. It’s different in Switzerland.


swiss ppl lemme know peace and love #americaninswitzerland #zurich_switzerland #ootd #zurich🇨🇭

♬ original sound – Lydia Keating🍓🍉🥝

Only at the beginning of January did a video go viral in which a Tiktoker grumbles about a visit to a Swiss McDonald’s. “We paid almost 50 euros for two menus. Is that okay?” the young woman gets annoyed. “I would have expected someone to put it in my mouth and massage my feet.” On the other hand, Lydia’s positive view of Switzerland is a welcome change.

A few words about Swiss people

First of all, the Swiss are known for their discretion and reserved nature. But don’t be fooled! Behind those neutral faces lies a tremendous curiosity. Imagine you’re like an unexpected piece of chocolate in an already quite delicious cake – naturally, people will take a look!

Moreover, Switzerland is a country of diversity and precision, from watches to chocolate, which is also reflected in fashion. So, if you show up in an outfit that screams “Made Somewhere Else,” you’ll surely attract some glances. It’s like walking with a neon color in a sea of pastels – standout, fascinating, and a bit of a mystery!

But don’t worry, it’s mostly a mix of admiration and curiosity. The Swiss value quality and individuality, so they might try to pick up something from your unique style!

And finally, Switzerland is small, and in some areas, international visitors are rarely seen. You are like a walking window to the world, and who wouldn’t like to take a quick look inside?

So, the next time you find yourself under the scrutinizing gaze of the Swiss, just smile back and think: ‘I’m here to raise the style quotient!’ Who knows, maybe you’ll start the next big fashion trend in the Alps.

Original article: blick.ch

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