Swiss Band Schluneggers Heimweh / Poetic Celebration of Homesickness

(Heimweh – Homesickness, Nostalgia)

Be the first to hear about this sensational Heimweh music offer. But why are we telling you this is the proven thing you should hear? Just imagine due to this powerful and unusual choral music (Schluneggers Heimweh) you could manage better understanding of homesickness, feeling everyone experienced. Or, believe due to this new music project of Georg Schlunegger you could introduce yourself in secret meaning of nostalgia.

Swiss band / Schluneggers Heimweh/ union of the most beautiful voices of Swiss

Their first “Rosemarie” album is colorful work for the powerful combination of eleven awesome man’s voices which goal is to create unique folk/ pop rock music project. Schluneggers Heimweh sings about homesickness from the desire for love, home, and peace. Every of these enthusiastic, impressive and gifted singers tend in a dramatic and intense way to celebrate your often feeling of melancholy. These individuals through their melodies and soft voices want you to think about this feeling. But above all, they want you to have a better positive view of the same. To be specific, isn’t much better to convert the emotion of melancholy and homesickness into something driving?
They are closely related friends and all the time of creating this magic music project they’ve been saying: “ It is almost great to be homesick.”

Schluneggers Heimweh / Writing Swiss Music History

The best way this Swiss band chooses to write Swiss music history is singing the longing to be back home. Yes, this feeling is for anyone compelling to hear and feel.
But, it is interesting that the word “homesickness” can be found for the first time in Swiss.
Anyway, these singers and artists together with Georg Schlunegger, with a common passion (the music) achieved to conquer the Swiss music world. Already in the first 24 hours, the choir has sold more albums than many the most influential Swiss music artists.
But I think this Swiss band could conquer the other places in the world with this historical music moment.

Listen and share this sensational CDas a result of your affirmative seeing of homesickness and empathy.

Karl Theodor Jaspers,German-Swiss psychiatrist, and philosopher

“Today, when my homesickness lies so far, far behind me, almost buried under so many other life-experiences, I take pleasure in having undergone this suffering, too. To be sure, the pleasure is not a proud one, for, to be honest, I did not conquer my homesickness. It only left me one day, when it had sucked out my soul like a vampire. But this day shines like an eternal sunshine in my life. And the joyful light of its memory will never pale for me.”

Nostalgia and crime


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