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10 Most Exciting Facts About Swiss Chocolate

The world’s largest chocolate fountain has recently launched in the Lindt Home of Chocolate in Kilchberg, ZH. Believe it or not, it is nine meters tall! True chocoholics are already planning a visit, are you among them? Read on to discover more exciting facts about Swiss chocolate.

1. Swiss chocolate on prescription

Until the 19th century, chocolate was sold in pharmacies as a medicine. People considered it a revitalizing and stimulating treat because it contained theobromine. This ingredient was known to be a good diuretic. Moreover, since it has a vasodilation effect, it has been used to treat heart failure. On top of that, theobromine also positively affects breathing – it relaxes the smooth bronchial muscles and promotes mucus secretion. For that reason, chocolate has also been used for asthma therapy.

2. Luminous chocolate

Researchers at ETH Zurich and the Northwestern Switzerland University of Applied Sciences have developed a chocolate that shimmers in the rainbow colors! And all that without any additives. How does it work? An embossed structure individually creates the colors; one speaks of structure colors. The effect works similarly as a chameleon. In other words, the ordered structure on the surface of the skin breaks and scatters the light in such a way that certain colors become visible.

3. Swiss chocolate color

Did you know that by cracking a bar of chocolate, you can tell its color? It’s very easy: the higher the content of cocoa, the darker and crunchier the chocolate is. The ratio of cocoa and cocoa butter proportions is a crucial factor for this.


4. World champions in eating chocolate

It’s absolutely no secret that Swiss people love chocolate. Moreover, they are first on the European food record. In 2019, it was 10.4 kilograms per each person. Nobody on the list is close to them! With 8.8 kilos, the Germans are in second place. And the Hungarians are in third place, with 3 kilograms a year.

5. Exciting facts about Swiss chocolate: Extravagant temptation

The most expensive chocolate is from…do you think that you can guess it? Exactly, from Switzerland, too! One board costs 640 francs. The manufacturer of this fine Swiss chocolate is the start-up Attimo Chocolate from Zurich. A year ago, the company officially made it into the “Guinness Book of Records”. Its chocolate contains a few of the exclusive ingredients: chuao beans, orange crystals, and saffron. Sounds delicious?


6. Skin and hair benefits

Cocoa contains antioxidants and zinc, which protect the skin from harmful substances. On top of that, they are also beneficial for your hair. The high-fat content and the minerals will give new flexibility to your hair. But, make sure to be careful – overuse of sugar and fat may result in blemishes.

7. White edge

Did you know that a white edge is produced when liquid fat migrates from the inside of the chocolate to its surface and crystallizes there? That doesn’t look so nice, but from a health perspective, it’s harmless.

8. For all white chocolate lovers…

Strictly speaking, white chocolate is not actual chocolate, since it does not contain cocoa. Instead, milk powder and sugar are added to the cocoa butter.

9. More enjoyment, fewer calories

Food technologists are currently researching how, by reducing sugar and fat, one can significantly reduce calorie density. To this end, during production, for example, the chocolate is foamed. This method of production not only saves calories but also enhances impressions of taste.
More enjoyment, fewer calories – we could live with that.

10. Properly storing your Swiss chocolate

Nobody likes chocolate bars that are melted. However, the refrigerator is not the right place to keep it. Sugar can crystallize at cold temperatures, so the chocolate can lose its taste. Storing the bars in a dark and cool place is better – 20 degrees is ideal.

Many different types of chocolates are arranged on a black background; facts about chocolate.

Now that you know these ten interesting facts about Swiss chocolate, which of the following amazed you the most?

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