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Six Fascinating Facts about Switzerland

Switzerland is one of the smallest yet most appealing destinations in the world for tourists and business. The country is known as the land of mountains, chocolate, efficiency, and breathtaking beauty– but there’s so much more to this beautiful country. We’ve dug up the top six fascinating facts about Switzerland. Don’t be surprised if your guidebook did not mention those!


Nuclear shelter 

If you live in Switzerland, you have a better chance of avoiding nuclear fallout. Why? Well, many people do not know that Switzerland has the largest atomic shelter in the world. Owners of apartments even need to have shelters prepared, according to articles 45 and 46 of the Swiss Federal Law on Civil Protection. These shelters protect 8.6 million people, covering the Swiss population by 114 percent(2006 data). 

There are 300,000 shelters built in private homes, hospitals, and other institutions. Besides that, there are more than 5000 public shelters as well. And it is not surprising that the largest nuclear shelter in the world, the Sonnenberg Tunnel, is also located in Switzerland. There are laws in place like articles 45 and 46 of the Swiss Federal Law on Civil Protection, ensuring that each apartment has shelters prepared for nuclear Armageddon.

Definitely one of the biggest fascinating facts about Switzerland.

Lakes & lower carbon emissions

Switzerland has more than 1,500 lakes. And the nation knows how to utilize them well. We have one of the lowest carbon emissions, and the lake helps quite a lot in this regard. How? 

Well, according to publicly available data, Switzerland generates 56% of its national power through hydroelectricity! And 39% from nuclear plants. It means the consumption of fossil fuel is extraordinarily low in the country. The dependence on hydroelectricity and nuclear plants makes Switzerland one of the world’s most environmentally friendly countries. 


Food & watch isn’t the main export 

The country is famous for watches, jewelry, and clocks. They definitely earn foreign currencies and help to boost goodwill. However, the export of a sophisticated watch, clock, or delicious food is not the country’s primary export nor the most fascinating facts about Switzerland.

Switzerland’s’ most valued asset, which earns the most foreign currency, is its chemical industry. The chemicals alone account for 40.2% of Switzerland’s export. And the EU countries are the largest trading partner of Switzerland. More than 56% of the country’s export is being done in the European Union.

Understand the convenience of others 

We call at our will and comfort, right? Well, if you are getting a Swiss person, especially who is living in the French part, make sure to ask if it’s an excellent time to have a conversation or not.

It is rude not to ask if the person is free or not. So, it may sound quite weird and different. Because most of us simply call and start the chat without even trying to understand the person’s convenience.

Fines for Speeding

Switzerland has introduced the speed limit of 50 km/h in urban areas in 1984 and 120 km/h on expressways in 1985. Switzerland is famous for having the biggest fine in the world for speeding. For instance, an incident where a local driver received a ticket of 650 thousand euros for driving at 180 miles per hour(289+ Km)! But that’s not an average fine. The charges of the violation of the speed limit depending on the drivers’ income. If the judge thinks that the driver can pay more regarding his/ her income, the judge is free to set a higher penalty fee. 


The worlds’ most expensive speeding ticket was given to a diplomat from the Republic of Guinea-Bissau for speeding in Eastern Switzerland. The Ferrari, the diplomat, was driving at 137 km/h through the speed limit was 50 km/h. The penalty was a hefty 24 million CHF by the court. Therefore, if you are Switzerland and want to drive, make sure you know and follow the rules.

The high rate of recycling

Besides having the most outstanding air quality and lowest carbon emissions, the nation has achieved a recycling milestone. Waste management works quite extraordinarily in Switzerland and has a high recycling rate of all recyclable materials than other developed countries. 

A study in 2010 showed the country recycled 94% of its glass, 85% of its paper, and cardboard. On the other hand, 91% of its aluminum and 80% of its PET plastic, and 69% of its batteries!

Switzerland is a country with many other amazing facts. From its flag to having one of the highest Nobel Laureates, the government always has something on its sleeve to surprise people. Switzerland is, indeed, a country of wonders. Now that you know six cool facts about Switzerland, we hope you’ll understand its people much better. So, which of the fascinating facts about Switzerland amazed you the most?

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