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How to please your partner: Valentine’s Day Swiss Gifts

Let’s celebrate love! It doesn’t matter if your relationship is only a few months long or it’s many, many years long marriage. Either way, you should take care of your partner, and make her/him feel special on Valentine’s Day. Our favorite holiday is coming very soon, therefore we should already think of the ways how to please and make happy our beloved ones. Here are some of our recommendations for the best Valentine’s Day Swiss gifts. At least one of these will make your partner hug you!

Valentine’s Day Watch Gifts

For her and him: Hanowa watch set Carlo and Carla

There is no better way to adorn your dearest, than with a high-class Hanowa watch. Celebrate your love with this timeless design that will last a lifetime. The Carlo and Carla collection is an exquisite product made by the well known Hanowa Swiss military watch company. The set includes a bold man’s and woman’s wristwatch. They compliment each other perfectly, same as two of you, sticking to a classic and elegant design. This collection is the jewel of Valentine’s Day watch gifts.


For her: Jowissa Facet Gold

Like everything that comes out of Jowissa workshops, Facet Gold collection also represents the exceptional value. Hence, in order to experience this multi-faceted beauty, you should see one of these fine timepieces on your sweetheart’s wrist. Furthermore, there are plenty of combinations of colors and styles to choose from. A Jowissa watch is a thing of beauty. Jowissa is famous for producing exquisitely beautiful timepieces that are genuine works of art. This artful watchmaking lives on in the timeless wristwatches of the Facet series.


For him: Jowissa Romo

Girls, if your boys are big fans of history, mythology, or just the Rome itself, then this will be the right watch for them. With Jowissa Romo they will get the feel of an ancient city! With their distinctive Roman numerals, the men’s watches of the Romo series pay homage to the Italian capital. Impeccable style and classic elements come together in a watch of timeless beauty. Therefore, display of hours, minutes, seconds and date give this watch a classy look of simple Swiss elegance.


For her: Wenger City Very Lady

Fashion-savvy women will be very happy with such a gift for Valentine’s Day. A delicately designed collection meeting her daily elegance! Wenger City Very Lady will be her ideal accessory, whether she is up for a shopping journey or an elegant dinner in town. It is made of premium quality stainless steel, and the strap provides a sparkling shade of silver which lends this timepiece a rich look. Furthermore, Wenger is one of the Swiss brands with the very long tradition of impeccable quality.


For him: Wenger Attitude Heritage

Wenger Attitude Heritage is the collection for strong, business people. This watch fits perfectly with such a serious outfit. Attitude Heritage line makes no secret of its innate dynamic character, with an exuberant vitality combined with an up-to-date design. Essential lines define its shape. Glowing in the dark numerals and hands are in combination with the typical Swiss touch of red on the logo. The best Swiss Made quality at the most reasonable price!


For her: Victorinox Alliance Small

Victorinox Alliance Small is where sophisticated balance really comes into its own. It’s a dynamic and decisive, yet delicate timepiece. Perfect for detail-driven women who like a classic aesthetic in their accessories. She’ll have this in her watch wardrobe for decades to come. Furthermore, the brushed dial finish and sleek arrow-pointed markers subtly accentuate its beautifully curved contours. A masterpiece in feminine form.


For him: Victorinox Alliance Chronograph

This high-performance timepiece will effortlessly guide your men through their everyday jobs and adventures. The 44-mm case frames a perfectly symmetrical dial featuring a trio of chronograph discs and a contrasting monochromatic metallic finish. It’s sharp, distinctive and you can count on it for the long haul. This Victorinox watch with chronograph functions together with a classic and timeless design will enable them with a powerful everyday style.


For her and him: Mondaine Helvetica No1 Regular Unisex

The watch for both of you! It is a trendy watch for stylish women and men. Case material is stainless steel brushed, while the dial color is white. The features of the watch also include a date function. Furthermore, she/he will be free to wear it while washing hands, and it is also fine in the rain. Mondaine Helvetica No1 Regular Unisex is the special one in the Valentine Day’s watch gifts collection.


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