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10 Colors in the Wonderful Spectrum of Swiss Made Concentric Watches

Colors are a very important factor in the world we live in. They have a huge connection with our emotions, hence they affect our everyday life – change the way we think, cause different reactions, or influence some of our actions. Nevertheless, not everybody will react the same way to the same color, because colors influence us on a few different levels. First of all, we have a general social or cultural level. But, on the other hand, our reaction is individual, influenced by how this color is presented in our personal lives. Therefore, each color could be differently comprehended by each person. And that is the main advantage of these majestic Swiss made concentric watches – there are a lot of colors, which will influence each of us differently on daily basis!


The red color is maybe the best example. Usually, we connect it with a sense of urgency, it might represent danger, or force us to become active and alert. The red light on the semaphore also means stop. But, you can also connect it to the color of your room when you feel warm and safe. 

Therefore, the red color is a passionate, emotional color, which could signify danger or alert, but also love and coziness. But, when we talk about Swiss made unique colorful watches, there are, as you can see, a lot of different colors, and each of those can make an influence to your everyday life, while just being present on your hand. Therefore, let’s go through and find out how can these colors affect your mood, and how can they “speak” through colorful wrist watches.



The color of the sunshine! It is usually connected with optimism and with good, positive energy. Besides, it is helping you with decision making and clear thinking, hence it could hugely affect your confidence and success. Another extremely important feature of the yellow is that human eye almost always see this color first – it grabs its attention! You’ll probably always see it first on your unique colorful watch.


The synonym for the sea and the sky! The blue instills confidence in the first place. Therefore, it provides trust and loyalty, but also the responsibility and integrity. Also, it is considered as the color of the peace, so it also very often connected with serenity and calmness. The funny thing about blue is that, although you can find it almost everywhere, it is rarely present in any kind of food.


The color of nature, growth, and health! Whenever u see or even only think about nature, green will be absolutely the first association. It expresses life and happiness. Also, while looking at it, you will feel calm, restful, and safe. Green is the color of harmony, and it can hugely revitalize your mood and encourage your actions. And it is the color of most salads.



A powerful color of motivation and encouragement! It is the color of extrovert people because it is considered to be social and inviting. Also, it is the synonym for enthusiasm, excitement, and joy. You might call it the color of happiness! Furthermore, it stimulates the appetite and is almost always the association for healthy good.


The combination of energy red and calm blue, violet is the color of spirituality and reflection. Unlike orange, it is the color of introvert – sensitive and compassionate people. On the other hand, it is also sometimes in the connection with luxury and high-quality stuff. Furthermore, for a long time, it was an association with royalty.


The color of love, tranquillity, and sensitivity! Pink has strong associations with tenderness and safety. But, on the other hand, it also signifies vulnerability, mostly because it is considered a gentle, feminine color. There is also one more connotation of pink (pink colored glasses), which means that person is overoptimistic or unrealistic.


The represent of reliability and stability, but also the color of the earth! Brown usually means safety, but also confidence and responsibility. Also, it relates to many things which are simple and natural. Sadly, brown is among the least favorite colors but it conveys sincerity, loyalty, and honesty.


The color of compromise! Most people will experience it as a neutral color. It is conservative, unemotional, and avoids attention. However, it has a huge stabilizing effect because it is reliable and practical. Furthermore, it is a color of protection and maturity. And that’s the reason why it has its place in the magic world of concentric wrist watches!


Super strong and powerful color which is a synonym for a mystery! On the other hand, black is very formal color, but also secretive and sexy! Although it has negative connotations including scary and evil things mostly, it is still the represent of confidence and elegance. This color also signifies power and control.

Now, when you are introduced to the magic spectrum of colorful watches, don’t forget to check them out, and find the one which will be the best fit for your personality and style. The new colorful experience for the upcoming holidays.

Merry Swissmas!

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