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Jowissa Romo Men Wristwatch

When you combine classic Swiss elegance with Roman numerals you get this awesome Jowissa Romo men wristwatch! Watches of the Romo series pay homage to the beautiful Italian capital.

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Jowissa romo men wristwatch Overview

Guys, get the feel of an ancient city with Jowissa Romo men wristwatch! With their distinctive Roman numerals, the men’s watches of the Romo series pay homage to the Italian capital. Impeccable style and classic elements come together in a watch of timeless beauty. Therefore, display of hours, minutes, seconds and date give this watch a classy look of simple Swiss elegance.

Smartphones do everything we need them to do. And they certainly tell the time. So why use the watch, right? Well, the reason is today the reason we wear watches has significantly changed. Today it is an important accessory. Especially well-crafted and designed watches such as Jowissa romo. This wristwatch is made to tell the time and looks gorgeous at the same time.

Jowissa look

Colored, metalized watch glass with a Roman numeral time index is the main characteristic of the Romo series models. All handmade in Switzerland, the faceted glass along the rim encases the watch and creates the signature Jowissa look. Furthermore, the straps are easy to change, providing you with plenty of options for each day. Also, carefully selected materials of the highest quality and a slim profile ensure that these watches are extremely comfortable to wear.

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Weight 1.000 kg
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 cm

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Jowissa Romo Men WristwatchJowissa Romo Men Wristwatch
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