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Jowissa Brand Overview

Since its establishment in 1951, the Jowissa brand has made a series of exceptional watches. The brand is known for offering extraordinary, stylish, and sophisticated looks at a great price. The family owns the business, and they are dedicated to maintaining their decades-old traditions. The brand started its journey of making watches from Bettlach, Switzerland. A place is well known for sophisticated and refined watches.

The brand name comes from the name of its founder, Josef Wyss. His vision was for the brand to offer both fashionable and a treasured piece of jewelry that came at just the right time. Throughout its journey, the brand continuously placed quite many resources to establish itself as one of the prominent watchmakers. In the 1960s, the brand brought unique style pendant watches with cut glass; this particular style become quite popular, and the Swiss brand Jowissa can be recognized as the driving force behind this revolution.

Jowissa Brand exposure

Jowissa offers stylish timepieces both for men and women. For years they have practiced their tradition to make excellent watches that their customers will love. They also adapt to the latest technologies fast to stay ahead of the ever-changing trend. The family-owned business has been a part of the evolution of the watch industry. Today, the brand has spread its wing significantly. Now they have a broad and diverse clientele from 30 countries with over 400 sales outlets.

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