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Jowissa Facet Gold Women Wristwatch

Swiss watches are not only symbols of style and elegance but the art, too! Jowissa Facet Gold women wristwatch is the authentic Swiss combination of artistic design and lady elegance.

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Jowissa facet gold women wristwatch Overview

In the last decades, wristwatches have become more and more popular, especially amongst women. Today wrist watches are not an average simple tool that can tell the time. They are more like an exceptional accessory that tells the time and completes your appearance. And this is why the need for a fantastic wristwatch-like Jowissa facet gold women wristwatch is growing every day.

Enjoy the wonderful series of Jowissa Facet Gold women wristwatch! Like everything that comes out of Jowissa workshops, Facet Gold collection also represents the exceptional value. Hence, in order to experience this multi-faceted beauty, you should see one of these fine timepieces on your wrist. Even the cases of the Facet Gold series come in the variety of sizes. Therefore, the 29 mm offers the most combinations of colors and styles to choose from. A Jowissa watch is a thing of beauty.

The brand

Swiss watches are known for their high quality and amazing attention to detail. This is why people who want a good wristwatch tend to go for watches made by Swiss brands just like Jowissa. The brand Jowissa has years of experience in making high-quality Swiss made wristwatches. They used the best material, and their craftsmanship is world-famous. The brand puts a lot of effort into making every watch elegant and works towards achieving the highest quality standards. Therefore, when you order the Jowissa gold women wristwatch online from an authentic Swiss shop like Swissmade Direct, you can always expect to experience the highest quality standards.


The Swiss Watch Art

For over 60 years, this renowned Swiss watchmaker has been producing exquisitely beautiful timepieces that are genuine works of art. This artful watchmaking lives on in the timeless wristwatches of the Facet series. Jowissa is still one of the few Swiss watch manufacturers to offer timepieces with cut glass at an attractive price.

Get Jowissa facet gold women wristwatch online

We are the leading and oldest authentic Swiss online shop selling only original Swiss-made products. How to get it? Order online, and you get the trackable, insured parcel delivered straight to your door, wherever you are in the world, directly from Switzerland.

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Jowissa Facet Gold Women WristwatchJowissa Facet Gold Women Wristwatch
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