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Wenger Wristwatch Roadster 105 Black

Striking design, vibrant colours and assertive lines define the character of the ROADSTER collection, a redesigned line, reflecting dynamism and peppy watches.

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Wenger Wristwatch Roadster 105 Black: Cool, stylish and well-designed watch to add perfection in the brilliance of your hands

Wenger wristwatch roadster 105 is very cool and has strong designs that can be the center of attraction for anyone. The roadster wristwatch has a great suitable dial that neither too large nor too small and is made with a medium shape that can offer your hand brilliance. This wristwatch has a stainless steel case on the dial with minute hand, second hand and hour hand along with date that can provide all in one service to you. This watch is completely Swiss made which is offering great benefits to you by providing 3 years of warranty and water resistance too. So, in very affordable prices you don’t only get attractive designs but also quality work.

Stainless steel case with medium sized dial along with a soft rubber that will only add perfection in your hands and no irritation

The Roadster wristwatch is made to perfection that has all the required things from a wristwatch. The dial is highly suitable for all types of hands which is coated with stainless steel case (316L) to offer shine and the dial’s color is black which is lined in layers to give awesomeness to the steel body. This watch has perfection in all the fields along with its rubber which is perfectly stretchable and soft enough to suit your hands. This rubber will never cause irritation to your hands though if they are most sensitive.

Brilliantly designed, highly reliable and very affordable watch is all ready to fit your hands and perfection in your styles

The roadster wristwatch’s whole body is black but the dial’s case is a shining steel which makes it brilliant choice for anyone. Has a black crown to change date and time. The hands of the watch has quartz movement and the dial of the watch is coated with sapphire crystal which is unbreakable most of times. The watch offers all the benefits that include best designs with case size of 45mm, reliability, affordability and 3 years of warranty as it is water resistant 100m. The wenger wristwatch roadster 105 in black color has all the things that will compel you to try it on your hands.

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