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Hanowa Wristwatch Opera Satin 16 Grey

Brand: Hanowa


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Hanowa Grey Wristwatch Overview

Today, despite our increasing dependence on the digital world, traditional wristwatches are not just enduring. Moreover, they are thriving. The core function of a watch is to tell the time conveniently. However, a good watch for women must do more than time telling. It is an accessory you will wear daily, so it must look good and offer you comfort and style. And the best way to get these is by wearing  Hanowa Grey Wristwatch or Hanowa Wristwatch Opera Satin 16 Grey.

Carrying your phone in your palm all day is difficult because your hands need to be available to accomplish other tasks. Especially if you are a woman, this makes it more problematic. Because most of the time you will carry a handbag or purse. And in this instance, the best way to check the time would be a wristwatch. And the Hanowa Wristwatch is not only convenient, but it is designed to fit your style as well. This Swiss watch’s trend and craftsmanship is undoubtedly an accessory that can attract a lot of eyes!

Timepieces collection 2015 – Hanowa Grey Wristwatch

FUNCTION: 2 hands

MOVEMENT: Swiss Made Ronda 762E AIG 3

CASE: Stainless Steel

GLASS: mineral




DIMENSION: Case 29.0 mm

ATM: 3

The brand

Switzerland is known for its incredible Swiss watches. And the brand Hanowa is one of the most well-known Swiss watchmakers. Like Hanowa Wristwatch Opera Satin 16 Grey, they make numerous high-quality Swiss watches. The attention to detail and the flawless function make the watch a great accessory that you can be proud of. So if you were searching for modern, stylish, and high-quality Swiss timepieces, you could find that in our store.

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Weight 0.500 kg
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 cm


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