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5 Salt-based Products for Your Skincare Routine

The seas are full of it, and so are our bodies. It definitely makes food taste better. But besides all of this, did you know that various types of salts are used in skincare products? Preservative, cleansing, healing, antiseptic, detoxifying, salt dries things, but contradictory, it also helps hold moisture in. Today, we prepared a list with our suggestions for the five best salt-based products you absolutely have to try! All five come from the same brand – Bex les Bains.

Bex les Bains is located in the Vaudois Chablais and is at the foot of a salty region that extends over 50 km². Before this place gave its name to a salt-based cosmetics line, Bex was a famous health resort. Today, Bex les Bains is a cosmetics line brand made from salt-based essences. In addition, all Bex les Bains care products are made with the greatest respect for nature and people. Moreover, they are 100% Swiss made, without fragrances, synthetic dyes, and parabens. Continue reading to find out which five Bex les Bains salt-based products are top-rated for a skincare routine!

Hands And Feet Peeling

Hands And Feet Peeling works miracles with dry areas of your skin. The repairing effect of shea butter and beeswax combined with Sel des Alpes helps rebuild and repair particularly stressed skin. Moreover, your hand and feet will become naturally beautiful and supple again. Although made especially for hands and feet, you can use this incredible peeling for other particularly dry areas of your body. It’s very easy to use, just apply to damp skin once or twice a week, massage gently into dry skin areas, and then rinse off! You will be amazed by the results after just only one use!


Body Shower Gel

Your skin is going to love this relaxing Body Shower Gel coming from Sel des Alpes. It helps your skin become supple and relaxed through the subtle combination of Sel des Alpes with essential lavender and orange oils. Body Shower Gel offers you proper skincare – day after day. They are PH-neutral, moisturizing, and lightly perfumed. In this way, you can enrich your shower experience with something according to your wishes.


Face Rose Peeling

Face Rose Peeling gently cleanses the skin and removes impurities with its unique formula. It keeps your skin elastic and supple. In addition, upon contact with water, the peeling turns into velvety-soft milk and can provide your skin with even better moisture. Moreover, rose essential oil is known for its regenerative effects on the skin and is one of the key elements of salt-based products. It stimulates blood circulation and slows down skin aging. Apply once or twice a week to your face, massage gently with circular movements, and then rinse off, continuing to massage.


Bath Salt

Let the beneficial effects of a bath enriched with Sel des Alpes permeate your body. Bath Salt supplies your body with oxygen and is ideal after physical exertion and against heavy legs. In addition, it cleanses and calms your body with essential pine and juniper oil. Moreover, it has a strengthening effect. This product is ideal for giving your body calm and deep relaxation! The best part is that there are no synthetic fragrances and dyes, and it’s paraben-free.


Pine And Juniper Oil Body Peeling

Pine And Juniper Oil Body Peeling cleanses your skin and makes it soft and naturally radiant. Moreover, the repairing effect of essential oils from pine and juniper combined with Sel des Alpes helps your skin regain its natural radiance. The salt crystallizes into tiny pearls and, thanks to its cleansing and balancing effect, stimulates microcirculation and cell regeneration while removing impurities from the skin. In addition, pine and juniper oils are top-rated in aromatherapy for their detoxifying and invigorating effects.


To sum up – Salt-based products

Whether it’s more restful sleep, softer skin, or more delicious food, high-quality salt works a beneficial role in our lives. We hope you like our list of favorite salt-based beauty essentials.

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