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Halloween gift ideas from Switzerland

Halloween is a specific holiday, and therefore, it is tough for people to choose between the best Halloween gift ideas from Switzerland. Why is it so specific? Because people often have strong opinions about it. Most of them adore it. However, there is also a group of people who don’t prefer this holiday, but still, they want to go to the party because of their friends or sympathies.

Either way, everyone who wants to be part of this holiday should think about appropriate present for their beloved ones – partner, symathy, or dear friends. And there comes the ultimate question – what is the most suitable present for such a unique holiday?

This year, we feel that the best Halloween gift ideas from Switzerland are sweets. Swiss chocolate is well-known throughout the world as the synonym for great taste and quality. A person you want to make happy will definitely be delighted with such carefully chosen present.

Every sweet sensation we’re going to present in this article has its own story. And each of them has its advantages over the others. Every chocolate lover has a refined taste. So, before you make a final decision, consider the affinities of a person you want to make happy this Halloween.

Enough talking – let’s get into the world of the greatest Halloween gift ideas from Switzerland!

Lindt Hello Praline Choco Heart

Imagine the most charming sweet taste that you have dreamed of. From now on, your dreams are becoming reality! Astounding flavor of Lindt Hello praline choco heart will make you feel living on another planet. Also, its design is so special and beautiful. The writing “a tiny little something just for you” is so suitable for your loved ones.


Lindt Assortment of Chocolates

You can enjoy relaxing moments with the finest Lindt chocolate. Here are selected the most popular recipes in a convenient size for you. Whether for road or coffee, Neapolitans by Lindt are suitable to lead any moment to the heavenly break. The fine milk chocolate is the hear of Lindt, and therefore, it is super inspiring for lovers.


Cailler Assorted Napolitains Chocolate

Cailler assorted napolitains are mini chocolate squares of the finest Swiss chocolate. Bring a little sweetness to your coffee break with the highest quality Cailler napolitains. Dedicated to quality since 1819, Cailler is one of Switzerland’s oldest and best-known chocolate brands. Therefore, they make their products stand out by focusing on tradition, excellent ingredients and an innovative manufacturing process.


Cailler Swiss Art Pralines

Two traditions, two passions, a delicately melting happiness. Cailler Swiss Art pralines combine the noble ingredients, the familiar landscapes and savoir-faire from Switzerland. A pleasure for the eye and a treat for those who love chocolate in its refined form. The finest Swiss milk makes Cailler chocolate meltingly smooth. What also makes Cailler Pralines so cool is the innovative approach. Therefore, Cailler house always takes care of the new ways of making chocolate, while also respecting the old well-known Swiss recipes.


Kambly Biscuit With Cailler Hazelnut Chocolate

Enjoy the wonderful combination of Cailler hazelnut chocolate and magnificent Kambly biscuit! It is a classic Swiss pastry with milk chocolate. Hence, these two beauties are merging into super double-quality Petit Beurre. Also, Cailler chocolate has already stood a massive test of time. Chocolate lovers who enjoy true quality will love this combination of Kambly biscuit and beautiful Cailler hazelnut chocolate.


Kambly Cookies

Kambly cookies are legendary Swiss wafer cookies. Deliciously delicate and topped off with pieces of roasted nuts makes them perfect! A harmonious marriage of natural flavors that are therefore perfect for any occasion. In addition, Kambly uses local, wholesome ingredients in all their products. Whether you are on the go, or at home enjoying a cup of tea, these cookies will keep your sweet cravings satisfied. Simple, yet finished with love and dedication.


Toblerone Jumbo

The Chocolate Toblerone Jumbo Bar is the largest Toblerone bar in production. Weighing a massive 4.5 kg, this giant Toblerone bar is the best way to reward yourself or a loved one! Nevertheless, the taste of the classic Toblerone we all know and love remains untouched. Made from creamy Swiss milk chocolate, along with honey and almond nougat, this Toblerone bar would make an ideal gift for any Toblerone lover.


Toblerone Mousse

The Toblerone mousse mix is pure seduction in a bag! It’s a soluble chocolate mousse dessert with 60% Toblerone! All you need to do is to add cold milk, whipped cream and hence, your Toblerone dessert is ready. Whether you are a fan of classic Toblerone, or the white chocolate Toblerone, we have the perfect solution for you. The finest Toblerone chocolate powder and chocolate pieces will therefore give you an amazing result every time.


Ovomaltine Muesli Set

This breakfast set is a true Ovomaltine staple. A package of Ovomaltine crisp muesli, in addition to a bag of Ovomaltine chocolate powder is super good for your start of the day. The crispy muesli goes great with milk or yogurt. But that’s not all! It is enhanced with seven high quality cereal grains and also 12 vitamins. All of the important daily nutrients without any added sugar!


Ovomaltine Chocolate Powder

Have a sweet cup of the Swiss cult drink with the Ovomaltine chocolate powder! For nearly 150 years, this chocolate malt powder has been a go-to source of energy for the Swiss. Not only is it enriched with 13 vitamins, but also with calcium, magnesium and iron. Hence, it’s the perfect healthful enjoyment for the whole family!


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