Valentine’s Day 2023: How do Swiss celebrate

Valentine’s Day is the symbol of love – a day when lovers express their feelings, share lovely gifts, and have a wonderful time together. It is also the symbol of romance and gospel. Even though some people in Switzerland don’t celebrate this Day, new generations still like to dedicate this Day to their beloved ones and offer them some of the most beautiful Swiss gifts.

The internet and newspapers are always full of sweet stories when Valentine’s Day comes. Swiss couples, as well as all other, like to go out and enjoy this wonderful evening. There are plenty of places in Switzerland that are very suitable for this night/day. But, we decided to choose five extraordinary areas that can make your Valentine’s Day memorable.

Let’s explore all of them!

A day in Zurich

Zurich is the largest and oldest city in Switzerland. For all nature lovers, there are plenty of things they can enjoy. There are hiking trails, biking routes, and, most importantly, for Valentine’s Day – romantic walks around lake Zurich. However, those who are looking for the sweetest chocolate experience can go to see some of the most beautiful chocolate stores. Chocolate and coffee shops with Swiss gifts are all around this city. Besides that, visitors can enjoy many other activities, such as rides over the Gotthard, “love padlocks” on the Muhlesteg footbridge, and steam engine rides over the Furka Pass.


The romantic city of Bern

Medieval architecture and streets make Bern, the capital of Switzerland, the most charming city. The views of the Bernese Alps and rooftops of the Old Town are two main things why Bern is one of the most romantic cities in Europe. Therefore, it is perfect for spending a fantastic Valentine’s Day. On top of that, if you are a fan of art and history, you will definitely enjoy visits to the Einstein museum and Munster Cathedral. This gothic cathedral has the highest spire in Switzerland, and it is worth seeing if you plan to visit Bern. Also, you can find many beautiful Swiss gifts out there.


The beautiful village of Zermatt

The Swiss village of Zermatt is romantic, mystical, and, therefore, perfect for special events such as Valentine’s Day. You can find romance in every single place – from hillside restaurants with traditional dishes to large terraces, such as Zum or Findelhof. Restaurants offer live music and excellent food, but you should not overlook sporting events if you like enjoying these activities with your partner. In the end, your romantic evening will be complete with a ride on the Gornegrat train. It is Switzerland’s first electric railway.


Matterhorn Mountains symmetry

The Matterhorn Mountain is sitting in the Pennine Alps with its pyramidal shape. It is well-known throughout the world because of the famous Toblerone chocolate. It has an almost perfect triangle, and such absolute symmetry defines the nature of this magnificent mountain. While climbing through the Matterhorn Mountain, you will enjoy the combination of romantic experience and scenic beauty, which is ideal for Valentine’s Day. Experiencing such a fantastic sight with your beloved person is happening of a lifetime.


Magical Lake Zug

Lake Zug is located at the very heart of Central Switzerland. It offers a fantastic landscape of rolling hills. Hence, it is very suitable for cycling, hiking, and skating options. Couples that love action and excitement will adore these adventures. You can even combine it with a romantic culinary excursion on a Lake Zug for a complete experience. The point is – you can design your Day entirely to fulfill all your needs and to remember this Valentine’s Day as long as you live.


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